what else can i give for teething pain?

Charlotte is still in lots of pain from teething. Not drinking milk from her bottle and now she seems to be struggling with the cup. I'm getting to the end of my tether with feeding her. She seems to be ok with her solids so I'm having to add milk to her food to make sure she at least has some.

I've given her allsorts - teething powders, gels, Calpol, Calprofen. I don't really like to give her too much as I don't want to overdose her so the Calpol/Calprofen I've just given her in the evening to see if she will have her bedtime milk, and it's just not working.

Is there anything stronger I can give her that you have tried? I don't need to give her anything to help her sleep as she is fine at night, it's just feeding her milk. My sister suggested Nurofen for children as she thought it might be stronger than Calprofen but surely it's exactly the same?!

ANY suggestions greatly appreciated, whether to do with meds or not as I'm desperate (and lo probably is too)!


  • hi hon!!

    sorry things are not going to well!

    not that i want to insult you, but are you sure she wont have her milk because of teething?

    from what you have posted, if she is fairly settled, and will eat solids, but just wont have milk, do you think she is objecting more to the milk than her teeth bothering her? usually when they are teething, they are not interested in anything near their mouths, or they want to chew on everything.

    will she have water / juice if offered?

    as for calpol / ibruprofen - each bottle will tell you how much of each there is in each one. i've never bought it combined, as i like to be able to space them out so they can have the other if still unsettled.

    hope she gets sorted soon

  • sorry, just to add that calprofen is paracetamol (calpol) and ibruprofen (nurofen) combined, but i dont know what doses they are
  • keep thinking of things - sorry!

    will she have a teething ring at all? Nam (?) do a great one that has water in one end with nobbles on the silicone, and the other end just nobbles. if she has something like this, can you put teething gel onto this instead of her gums, then she will be biting and getting the gel at the same time?

    this teething ring is at most supermarkets
  • aww ive got no tips im afraid but just wanted to add that tegan is exactly the same, shes got 3 big teeth coming through at the moment and while she is still eating most of her solid foods, she doesnt seem that interested in her milk bottles. i hope they are both better soon image xxx
  • Hi Ollier 2001

    Thanks for your advice. She's got a couple of teething toys inc a set of keys with gel in that i cool in the fridge.
    She's definately teething. Her top left front tooth came thru 2 weeks ago and now the one to her left of that is cutting thru. also the other 2 top ones show signs of coming thru as well. My hv thinks she has got a lot coming thru at once. That would explain the pain. She is grumpy when eating solids too and a couple of weeks ago she was off solids too. I have wondered if it was something else but she doesn't seem poorly with a cold or anything. Maybe she has got a bit of "something else" but I'm not sure as she seems ok. i'm hoping this will pass soon so these teeth had better hurry up. I do not want her like this at Xmas!
  • Medised. My mum recommended it and its fab stuff. Only before bed though - not in the day as it can make lo sleepy!
    I gave Gabe 5ml 2 nights in a row for his teething & bad cold and it definitely helped. His tooth is nearly through and he is drinking at least 4oz now x
  • i always used frozen bananas with my older two and will do the same again this time x
  • I have used frozen cucumber minus the seeds. Mason loves the coldness on his gums and it numbs them within seconds. He has 4 fronth teeth coming through and has done since beg of October and this seems to be the only thing that works instantly.x x x
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