Wonky teeth....

Is Gabe the only baby with wonky teeth??

He has 5 and the front 2 have a HUGE gap between them, you could prob fit a pound coin in it. I have straight american teeth lol but only because I had a brace when I was 12 - I used to have a massive gap too! Gabe's bottom teeth kinda overlap as well .... I think it looks adorable of course but I don't want him to be bullied at school like I was! (People used to call me 'Goof Toof' - charming). Also - braces arent on the NHS anymore and I can't afford one lol

I know they are only the baby teeth so hopefully the top ones will come through a bit straighter...


  • Awwwww bless perhaps they might straighten out when he gets a few more? I don't really know! When I was little my mouth was too small for all my teeth, so they used to over lap, and when my adult teeth came through I had to have loads out so I could have my brace!

    I can't believe they don't do them on the NHS anymore! Will have to start saving for one now, as both me and oh had to have one!
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