taking 1 year old away anyone been menorca?

i heard that menorca is better than majorca for taking a lo. we dont want to go far as she will only be 1 but i really miss going abroard!! so really want to go somewhere! all im worried about is her ears! i remember the first time i went on a plane i cried cos my ears hurt so much as they wouldnt pop! so now i just pop them myself but she cant do that. what if hers dont pop either and she goes through the same pain i did? has anyone been menorca? i like the sound of calan bosch anyone know any good hotels there?? thanks xx


  • Menorca is lovely. Son Bou has best beach. Best area depends on what type of holiday you want.
  • Have been a few times growing up but havent been recently.

    Stayed in appartments in Son Bou first visit - it was loveley (great beach) but when we went to visit again it had been built up alot.

    Didnt like Canan Forcat - it just looked like a concrete monstrosity.

    Last 4 times we went we stayed in villas just outside of Canan Bosch - it was brilliant - could walk to the beach or the marina, and was close to all amenities. The locals are so welcomming as well.

    Have no tips on travelling with LO as have never done it, but hope you have a good time.
  • We're also thinking of going away to Menorca next year with lo when he will be 10/11 months. Also heard it's good for kids. Think we'll prob book a villa so I've got loads of facilities for steralising making food etc. (just thought, what kind of water do you use to make up milk when on hols. Is it ok to boil and use tap water there? Don't think you can use bottled as too many minerals etc in it ??) S x
  • We've taken lo's away to the Ballerics a couple of times but we go to Mallorca, Cala D'or is beautiful. I think a villa is definately easier than a hotel as, like Suz says, you have all the facilities for preparing food etc.
    I wouldn't plan on using the tap water, it is safe when boiled but it tastes vile!! You have to be careful about which one you use but some bottled water is ok to use. In Mallorca there is a brand called Lanjaron which is no more expensive than anything else but is sold as safe for preparing formula as it has a low sodium content.
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