where does your lo sleep during the day?

just wondered as Charlie is quickly outgrowing his moses basket, so a few times he has slept in his bouncy chair (in the reclined position) as its nice and cozy - do you think this is okay?


  • my little wont sleep in her moses basket during the day, if she does i find she will only sleep for about 10 mins.
    I usually put her in her swing as she will sleep for up an hour or more.
  • Jack normally sleeps in his bouncy chair, or on the floor!! Can't have him on settee as Kelsie is only 15 months and would probably jump on him :lol:

    Kelsie sleeps on the settee, or if I'm tired she'll come up and sleep with me in bed. She normally has a couple of hours, which sees her through til bedtime at 7pm!

  • Frankie sleeps in her chair, in her swing, on a bean bag, in the pram, on me - basically wherever she falls asleep! She wont sleep in her cot during the day - something i really need to work on.
  • Barney sleeps in his cot!! I am a mean mummy so he gets banished to his bedroom at nap time. It's for his own good though as he is far too nosey to sleep anywhere except a darkened room.
  • I try to get Archie to sleep in his crib during the day, he's there right now. But if he refuses then I'll let him sleep on the sofa or in his pram. Wish he would sleep in his bouncy chair, he doesn't like it. Probably the only baby in the world that doesn't like a bouncy chair ! S x
  • when faith was younger she slept in her pram than use to let sleep in her swing she now sleeps in here cot
  • George normally sleeps in his pram during the day, if I put him in his cot he will only sleep for about 15 mins. He will sleep anywhere though, which is good when we go out.

    Can't have him sleppimg on the sofa now as he has started to roll.
  • Gabe sleeps in the cot when we're home and in his pram or car seat when we're out! He used to sleep in his swing sometimes when he was younger too xx
  • We used to let Charlotte sleep in her bouncy chair when newborn then when she moved into her own room and cot at 4 months she had her naps in there (fast alseep in there now)!
  • Louise never really liked sleeping in her moses basket at all so I got into the habit of cuddling her during her naps. She slept in her bouncy chair when little but wont now. If not on me she'll sleep in her push chair if we're out or in her car seat.

    I've tried putting her in her cot but she doesn't nap so well and then I have a grumpy baby - something I need to work on once the nights have settled down properly!
  • grace has always slept in her cot day and night as she sleeps best there also i like her to know that her cots for sleeping but im sure its fine if he sleeps well,do whats best for you xxx
  • Hi,
    When lo was very young he used to nap downstairs in his pram or on me orin the car seat when we were out and about.
    When he grew out of his Moses basket he napped in his cot and does now (he's finally asleep up there now!) but does fall asleep in his Jumperoo every so often but I normally transfer him upstairs.
    I was and am always thankful that he falls asleep where ever really so whatever works for you and lo! x
  • My little one sleeps in his rocker, car seat, cot wherever. I did hear that, depending on their age, you should lie them down flat when they sleep because of their developing spine, but in all honesty that would be impossible every time!?
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