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Just wondered what your opinions were.

Basically it was xmas party at play group and some mums and dads started taking photos/video of all the kids, BUT they didnt ask first if anyone minded.

I felt uncomfortable having people i dont really know take pics of my kids, the only pic of my kids that i have online is my avatar and you cant recognise them from that, I dont like the idea of the pics being uploaded to a site where anyone can look at them.

Is this just me being silly or do other mums feel like this??


  • These day's I would probably feel the same. Similar thing happened at our singing group and I didn't really think to say no but afterwards I thought-not sure about this but then it was too late.
    Maybe in the New Year talk to the playgroup leader about it for the future if you're still worried. x
  • Hi I dont think your being silly and maybe the parents should of asked first..BUT...I do think the whole taking of innocent pics of kids as got way out of line!!!
    I heard that some dad was snapping pictures of his daughter playing on the park and one of the other mums rung the police!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Whilst i think it is nice and perhaps wise that people are wary i also think its stupid when you cant even take pictures of your own child without being branded a pedo or worrying where pics of your child may end up and who will be viewing them!!!
    I dont like the idea of just anyone seeing pics of my lo but i dont worry about it or if i was at a party like yours i dont think i would mind at all!!!!sorry but just my opinion,though i think its polite to ask so possibly these parents should of asked you and other parents
  • I too think it's all got way out of hand! When we first took Poppy swimming when she was 12 weeks old, we bought an underwater camera so we could take pics to go in her album - the lifeguards confiscated the camera in case we took pics of other children! I was furious and disappointed that we weren't able to take pics of this special time because society has gone mad!!
    Poppys childminder asked me to sign a form allowing them to take photos of her while doing activities etc which I did but I was surprised they had to even ask permission.
    If these were parents of other children that attend the nursery then I'm sorry to say I don't see the problem - if they were random people out on the street/park etc then I would have been annoyed.
  • i agree with donna things r just getting a bit silly i think! i took pics of millie at her xmas party but i only took pics of her and not any other kids. xxx
  • i wanted to take pics of brookes 1st trip to the swimming pool and had to sign something at the pool to say i was doing it and if anyone wasnt happy with it they would no where to contact me etc. i too think that it has got out of control that people cant take pics of their own kids just coz there are others around, i will def still be taking pics of brooke in her school play! xx
  • i personally think its silly, as everyone at the playgroup has a child and is taking photo's of THEIR child. im sure all of your parents have photos of you at playgroup or in the park and there are other children in the background and you probably dont think anything of it. i mean if its a random stranger in the park then yeah its not right, but people taking photos of their own children playing with others at playgroup is normal to me. xx
  • yes my mum has videos of all my school plays would be such a shame if i couldnt do the same for millie xx
  • I'd say it is fine. I do agree our society has gone mad. There are loads of photos of me as a child playing with other children and I dont think anyone thought twice. There are no more child abuse/paedophile crimes then there were 50 years ago, its just cos it's all so 'out there' in the media that we worry. Like these days not many parents let their kids play naked on the beach (dont think I would let Gabe either) but when I was a toddler there were tons of pics of me like that (very embarrassing lol) xx
  • I wouldn't mind it in that context as presumably the only people taking pics are other parents. And after all, they won't be interested in anything except their own child! As long as my child was just in the background, if anyone tried to take a picture of just my child on their own, that would definitely not be ok!

    It also doesn't really worry me if there are pics of Beth on the internet, as long as there's no way of identifying her. Obviously I use her name on here but I'm careful about not putting surname or too much about where I live and so on.
  • TBH I can't see the harm in it either, I know that you are simply trying to protect your children & do understand that of course.. and you are well within your rights!

    But if I honestly thought the other parents that attended THAT play group were a problem I wouldn't be taking my child there in the first place.

    It's lots of little ones first Christmas this year or the first christmas that they will understand.. it's an exciting time for new parents and really you want to capture all of your baby's first's including your babies first 'friends' I have photos of me running around naked as a child (of course you wouldn't do it now!) and birthday parties.. I think its really lovely to have and helps you remember/build a picture up of your young life!
    I have pictures of Charlie on FB ect.. but I don't think it's any more risky than a child playing in a park! God knows who goes in there!

    we can't live in fear & imo we have to let our children play (of course to be safe) but not for them to grow up assuming that everyone means them harm!

  • Whilst in my heart i agree with all that you have said, and I do think it is a sad reflection on our society, i cant stop how i feel in my head.

    At the end of the day most of the people there are strangers, I had never met any of the dads, and its only a turn up when you like group not a proper nursery with the same people each week, and sadly just because they have kids of their own doesnt make them safe people.

    I know we cant wrap our kids up in cotton wool, but our kids are statistically more at risk from people they know, then from complete strangers.

    I didnt say anything and maybe if they had asked it woudnt have been a problem at all.

    Im probably just being neurotic, think af is due after 18 months break so probably hormones! xx

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  • i wouldnt want my kids uploaded unless its me uploading them, i have some on my bebo but only my direct friends can see them.
    if i do take pic if my kids at school or nursery i only upload ones that have my child and my child alone in them.

    in justin school you cant take photos or videos but you can buy a copy of the school plays on DVD

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