What is wrong with this stupid website!!!!!!! Bump TigerLily

Its so frustrating. When I reply to posts the screen goes blank and everything I've written is lost!!!

Tiger lily, I managed to save what I wrote on yours about Gabe's eczema...but it won't go onto your thread for some reason...?

Just keep moisturising loads in the day and use steriod cream as prescribed by gp (e.g. 2xdaily). You could also keep the creams in the fridge so they're nice and cold when you apply it to the skin, that will sooth him a little. Also, when you rub it in keep rubbing until all cream has disappeared, the rubbing may sooth him as well. x

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  • when the screen goes blank after you've submitted your post, hit the refresh button (or peess F5) that seems to work for me.
  • what I hate is when it doesn't say you have a reply but you have ......
  • Thanks hun - it is a bit worse today but I have put the steroid stuff on again and it is magic so will prob be gone by the morning. I am finding the creams a nightmare to put on - he HATES it and by the time I come to dress him he's screaming!

    Is there anything else I could use to make it itch less that would be safe on his skin?

    I am seeing a dietician on 2nd dec to rule out it being his diet as he didnt have it before he was weaned...
  • Yeah - it may be something in his diet that's setting it off. They can do a blood test. You could try E45 anti itch cream. It's a good moisturiser too so you can use it in place of diprobase. I am pretty sure it's ok to use on babies, but while you're in Boots nip across to the pharmacy and ask them if the anti itch cream is ok to use on his skin. I'm glad your gp referred you to a dietitian as a lot of gp's are either ignorant or lazy and say it has nothing to do with diet. But a lot of people who've had the blood test to rule out allergies say their eczema disappeared when they cut out wheat, dairy etc etc...let us know how it goes xxx
  • I tried to post aswell put it kept messing up!! All I was going to say was that I rubbed olive oil into Evan's eczema 2 a day I know Gabe's is much worse but it might help on the less serious bits??

    Hugs to Gabe

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