velcro blackout blinds

now the nights are getting lighter has anyone tried these or thinking about getting them???
we also have a street lamp right outside our room and when lo wakes for his night feed he will be wide awake staring at it lol.


  • i haven't got Velcro black outs but a roller blind black out !! its brilliant for keeping lo's room dark! but find i have to put his night light on so i can find him in the dark!lol i think if i didn't have the blind as soon as the light caught his eye he'd be wide awake!
  • we went through most of last summer with a cheap roller blind with duvets and cushions draped over and stuffed behind trying to keep our LO's room dark as she has a velux window. and the sun sets her side of the house so it would be light until gone 10pm, then I gave in and bought a proper velux blackout blind.
  • We've got the Gro Company Gro Anywhere blackout blind and it's really good. It's not velcro though, it suckers onto the window.

    We also have a blackout roller blind and curtains but find that lots of light gets in around the edges of the blind so the Gro Anywhere blind keeps the chinks of light out
  • I have been thinking of getting one of these go anywhere blinds x
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