Faith poorly again

Faith not well again in the 3 week she had bug or cold some thing after a couple of day she up againj. But ill running a fever 103 calpol her but her temp still up for over hour i used wet cloth to try to temp down also give ibuprofen it went down after that but still cry wont eat anything. sorry just going now. The question is anyone finding there babies be ill every week on off. IF she still like this tomorrow i am taking her to the doctor just make sure she ok.
carrie ( that can not cope with cring that why daddy got her now te he)


  • oh, hon!!

    sorry she's off again! poor little mite!

    just keep her with fluids, and stripped as much as she can be!

  • do you think there was something in the cake yesterday? :lol:

    Issy had dreadful nights sleep, but i noticed another tooth and thought it was that......!!!
  • may the lack of choc for faith she starting to pick up a bit now
  • Hope they all start to feel better soon!

    Tommy still very snotty but think its defo coz of his teeth cutting! His impetigo is near enough gone, isnt fucidin a miracle cream!

    I think Paul is fed up with my new addiction to Mario-Kart - tv has been turned off along with the lights so guess its time for I'm A Celeb in bed! He'll be snoring within an hour so I'LL BE BACK lol

    Big hugs and kisses to all poorly babies
  • Poor Faith image and all other poorly bubs. It is horrid when their ill. Just keep Faith cool (not hard in this weather) with fluids & calpol, hopefully she will sleep it off. Its 1 thing after another in winter...Gabe had a cold about a month ago and seemed to be starting with a snotty nose again but luckily hasnt gone into anything else...phew. x
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