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was just woundering what age did you all start weaning.hv says 6 mounths but to me this sounds rather late .did any one start before this and did you have any promblems


  • Hi. I started at 16 weeks but they say to try and wait until 20 weeks. You know your baby and if he think they're ready then there is no harm in it.

    Matthew loves his food and he is on 2 meals a day and he is now 19 weeks! xx
  • harri is 23 weeks and is on three meals a day! he took to it so well and he loves his food he gets all excited at food time! and hes liked everything i gave him so far except fishermans bake! xxx
  • I think sometimes you have to take HV advise with a pinch of salt. They tell EVERYONE to wait until 6 months, but not all babies are the same!
    You know your baby better than anyone, and if you think your LO is ready, then just do it. As long as its after 16 weeks or so because before that they aren't mature enough to cope with solid food.

    I was told to wait til 6 months, so that was the plan. Even though Max was still hungry after a full feed and then hungry about an hour later, and trying to eat anything; kept waking at night; and watched me and oh eating i thought i HAVE to wait!! Its ridiculous how much they push this "6 months" thing. Thats an ideal in a text book but babies are living real people and they're all different.
    Anyway, I weaned Max at about 23 /24 weeks in the end and he was soooo ready for it!
    Sorry a bit long!! image
  • I'm so tempted to start weaning now - my lo's five months today. Why do they ask us to wait till six months??
  • Hi its all down to them believing that babies that are weaned before 6 months will go on to be obese, which is rubbish when I had my eldest he is 20 in august it was 12 Ib or 3 month which ever came first and he is 6ft 4 and a lanky bean pole, the others are the same . With my youngest he was 5 half months when he was weaned although to be honest he was not the slightest bit bothered and not intersted in food for the first 2 weeks and he is a real chuncky monkey as he was 9Ib 5 oz born, now I am sure he watches the clock and is not happy when we are late for lunch. I think if you feel you lo is ready 5 months is fine. You only start off slowly anyway so see how he takes to it Good Luck xx
  • The advice is 6mnths for good reasons-not just about obesity, but it is right that every baby is an individual. Weaning early is not however the answer to sleepless nights or frequent feeding, in fact in some cases it can make things worse. people will always have mixed views on this, especially if they've already had children and weaned early. In my experience (I waited till my lo was 6mnths) it is easier the later it is cos they are less restricted with what they can eat and food doesn't have to be pureed. Your baby will let you know when they're ready-they will want your food, try and grab it and know what to do with it when they have it. Weaning is fun enjoy it! x
  • i waited until 6 months as my lo was showing no interest in wanting food or increasing milk. we then started slowly and now she loves her food and is on 3 meals with lots of finger foods as well. i have found it easier as she is very good at eating lumpy foods whereas some of my friends which started earlier are struggling to get lo to eat anything other than super smooth puree's. but i also agree that each baby is different and you will know when your lo is ready
  • Weaning too early can trigger food allergies because a baby's digestive system is not fully developed and cannot cope with much more than milk. However as pointed out each baby is different and some do genuinely need to be weaned earlier than this. As with everything you need to go with your own instincts and if you think your LO is ready to be weaned then try it. Your LO will let you know if he's happy with it and if not just leave it and try again a couple of weeks later. I weaned Lily when she was just under 6 months. Up until then she was perfectly satisfied with her milk so I didn't see any reason to start earlier. When I did start weaning, because she was older I was able to progress quite rapidly through the first tastes stage and she was soon established on 3 meals a day.
  • my hv encouraged me to wean harri when i saw her at 5 months coz harri wouldnt take his milk she said it was totally fine if he would take it! xx
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