weaning advice needed-snacks?

finley is nearly 7 months and we started weaning him at 17weeks on hv advice. well we are now on 3 meals a day and 3 bottles and seems really good on it. the only issue is he screams the house down at bout 11.30 and 3.30 so thats when hes been havin his dinner and tea. we feel that since we will be startin stage 2 weanin and when hes a bit older we would like to sit down together for our evening meal we really need to start giving him his meals a little bit later.

anyway after my longwinded explanation.lol. is there any snacks i could give him that would keep him satisfied between meals?

thanks for your advice ladies.xxx


  • Yes definitley my lo has a snack at about 10.30 and then again at about 3. Fruit, kids biscuits, a piece of toast, fruit pot, custard pot, some cheese, yoghurt, scotch pancake, breadsticks, ummmmmmmmm- can't think of any others. HTH
  • Oh I was going to post about this! Great ideas ladies! xxx
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