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Hi, I don't normally post in here but need some advice quickly and Baby's busier than Toddler.

For the past few days I've been having tightenings that feel exactly like my Braxton Hicks ones when I was pregnant. I've also had phantom kicking feelings for months but kind of put that down to post pregnancy weirdness :lol:

Anyway, my last period was about 3 weeks ago and have been pretty regular since lo was 6 months (now 13 months) but a friend of mine had periods throughout her pregnancy so I don't always rule that out. I've also put on weight without trying to, my belly can feel hard - but has got a squashy layer over it lol - and I've been feeling sick and dizzy over the past week.

Would you go to the doctor about this? My doc isn't the nicest so I don't want to be laughed out of there, but I'm supposed to be going out on Sunday wearing a corset (steel boned) and having a few drinks and obviously don't want to do either if there's a risk. We have had 2 split condoms since lo was born - one at 6 months, one last month - so I guess there is every possibility...

Oh, and I last poas (4 times) about 4/5 months ago when the 'kicking' started and it was neg every time


  • i would poas jem...no harm in trying...was gonna say have you got a poundland near you where you could get some cheapies...but thought better of it!! :lol:

    but yeah i would and oooh exciting! but if BFN then would maybe ask doc or HV if you se one?
  • can you see your HV? just so you can talk it through with someone before going to see the GP..?
    Otherwise I'd POAS again, and also see the GP. Stress that its causing you problems and upset.....

    Sorry cant be of much help, but remember they say you can get a false neg, but not a false pos.
    Even a 'phantom' pregnancy could have problems!

    Hope you get sorted

  • Health visitor is useless and only works randomly - and we have open surgery so it's actually easier to see the doctor. In fact it's this afternoon which is why I posted now.

    Poas would have to wait till I can get to a shop that sells them, they're bloody useless round here only selling cbd 2 packs and I can't afford to spend ??16 on a pregnancy test atm
  • well im sure ur gp will do a preg test for you for free if this afternoon!
  • Hi hon, maybe see a doc this afternoon if you want to, get a professional opinion and all that. Even if he's not the nicest doc, he should take you seriously.

    To put your mind at rest though, I have experienced this many times after all 3 of my babies - so much so that I have convinced myself I must be preg again! Especially the phantom kicking - feels exactly like the real thing! I am pretty sure it is just the womb getting back in shape again - it is stretched so much during pregnancy, and never springs back completely lol.

    Course, sounds like a tiny chance you could be pg - in which case you don't want to be wearing corsets lol! Your doc may do a pg test for you?

    Mims xxxx
  • There's only one way of finding out for sure and that's to POAS. Def ask your doctor to do a test this afternoon!

    I had phantom "kicks" for a few months about 2 months after giving birth - they were just twitching muscles. Felt SO like those early kicks, and what was weird was I'd never had that in my tummy before being pregnant - only ever in my eye when tired.

    GOOD LUCK, hope you get whichever result you want! :\)
  • get to the gp and get them to do a test - saves you money and you get to poas image

  • Well I went to the docs and he couldn't feel anything but has scheduled a blood test for Wednesday as apparantly they don't have poas tests there. So we shall see :lol:

    Unfortunately after lo's scary injections last week he freaked out in the doctors so I'm not sure what I'm going to do about him on Wednesday. Take the pushchair maybe...
  • now this might sound really wierd but - it could be wind....

    just after my cs i saw and felt bits of wind travelling under my skin - looked just like when a bubs kicked or moved, and felt pretty similar too - didnt cause any pain like I would've expected with trapped wind either...
    it lasted a few weeks...
    it might explain the kicks (unless they feel deeper inside) and poss some of the 'going hard' ..... ooooh errr! :lol:

    probably wayyyyyy off the mark, but I just remembered it image

    I'd sasy take the pushchair, and some toys or something (food?) to distract him and see how it goes.
    Did they not take a urine sample?
  • No, they're odd out here. Maybe because I've had a period recently?

    Doc did say it could be 'bowel colic' which I think is what you're describing Stephe but sounds worse :lol: xx
  • Let us know what happens x x x
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