Getting quite scared

Hi ladies
This is a bit of a pointless post really as theres nothing I can do about it but I just need to vent a little bit!

I'm now 22+4 weeks pregnant and Theo is almost 7 months and its just starting to dawn on me just how hard its going to be when this baby arrives. As much as I'm looking forward to it I'm really scared now. Theo is still such a little baby and needs me so much still, he can sit but still isnt crawling or anything. He's generally happyish but is a mummys boy and cries when I leave the room or even just put him down on his mat and go to get a nappy! He's happiest sat on my lap playing games but the problem is my lap is running out as my bump grows! He still wants alot of attention all the time and doesnt really amuse himself for longer than 10 or 20 minutes, is that normal for 7 months?
How much will Theo change in the next 4 months? Will he be crawling or cruising? If so will he be more content to amuse himself? I know its completley pointless to say all this but I'm just starting to feel really scared about how I'm going to cope.


  • Lily is 8 months and can't crawl! She likes to sit. She has started to be really clingy with me and get uspet if I leave the room, I'm hoping it is just a phase. Maybe Theo is just going through this phase? Hopefully in the next few months Theo will start to amuse himself for longer, and crawl. Lily gets fed up after 20 mins of amusing herself so I think that's pretty normal. Try not to worry and enjoy the last few months of your pregnancy! xxxx
  • Hi carley i know exactly how you feel i thought the exact same things with my 2 boys there is only 10 months and 2 days between them and Leo was exactly the same liked being on mummies knee but my knee ran out of space lol i used to sit with him on the sofa on a cushion and started getting him used not having me all the time if he cried i didnt go running i used to let him wait a minute or 2 , but Leo was a good baby and he walked about a week or so before i had james its as if he knew it was strange,James was hard work he had really bad colic and my elder daughter started playing up for attention because the boys were taking it all, it was very hard in the beginning but did get easier and now its brilliant its like james and leo have a special bond and they laugh at each other like a private joke that no one else is privelage to lol Leo is 18 months and james is 8 months and i wouldnt change it for the world, my 2 will be in the same year at school together. You will find away and it will be great you will love it but it will be hard at first start thinking of things you can do now and be prepared and have a good routine you cant beat a good routine lol thats what worked for me.
    Take care vikki xx
  • Thanks everyone.
    Katie your right, I will cope just because I have to! I'm trying to do little things now to make my life easier, like if Theo is crying and I'm doing something I dont go straight to him, I finish what I'm doing first. I think he will be more content when he crawls because he's so frustrated at the moment, he sees something he wants but cant get to it and thats why he cries alot of the time.
    He is a good baby generally, he likes his naps and is always really grumpy when he gets up. He's ok if we're going out once he wakes up but if we're just staying in he seems to be really fed up and I dont really know what to do with him when he's like that! He's just discovered finger foods and is really enjoying them which is nice because that keeps him quiet for quite a while. Theo has a good bedtime routine and a bit of a day routine but its not set in stone like his bedtime one.
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