I am just wondering how you know when your LOs need calpol or not!

Niamh has been really out of sorts the past few days and has been crying lots. This is really unlike Niamh. I am wondering if she is in pain but I am not sure as bar the crying she is not showing any other signs of pain. The cry reminds me of being horse with a sore throat if that makes sense! I have been through the usual check lists ie hunger, nappy etc! She occassional seems to play with her ear but not all the time to make me think she has an ear infection.

I think she could be teething as she is dribbling loads and everything is going into her mouth but she has been like this for ages now and as only started crying as well in the past few days.

I did give her 2.5ml of calpol earlier in case she was in pain though I felt terrible in case she didn't need it if that makes sense!

How would I know if she was definitely in need of calpol as I would hate not to give it her if she needs it and vice versa!

Catherine and Niamh (who is 4 mths on Friday!!!)


  • If the calpol calmed her & she wasn't crying as much afterwards, I would say that she definitely needed it. There are no hard & fast rules on this one unfortunately, and it's mainly down to mummy's instinct. Have you tried teething powders such as Ashton & Parsons, or bonjela? You may find that these are effective, without the worry of giving calpol needlessly. Hope she's brighter soon xx

    Edited to add that I'm a lot like MrsAmanda, and would rather give it if teething powders haven't helped (temp or not). I don't think that a small dose can do much harm, and having experienced the pain of teething with wisdom teeth, I wouldn't like to do it without pain killers!xx

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  • I have been wondering about this too!! I'll watch with interest... :\)

  • I agree with MrsAmanda - calpol will do them no harm so better to be safe, and if it settles them then in my eyes its worked!! my gp told me the same thing

    My ds is now over 2 1/2 and he will sometimes say "i'm not feeling well mummy, I need medi" Now he could just be having me on as he doesn't have a temp or isn't visibly sick but i'll give him a dose of calpol and it always seems to work
  • I hated the idea of giving T regular calpol too - but I can't tell you how quickly it works for him - he's a different baby within 5/10mins. So we are much more liberal with it - especially having seen numerous Drs who have all said a small dose does them no harm. (he has been up the out of hours a few times due to ear infections / chest infections etc. which made him very upset and gave him a raging fever).

    Does she have a temp? Toby's a year so its different, but anything over 37.8 ish we tend to give him calpol, depending on what we think is wrong. If really high, we give him nurofen as that is more effective at bringing a very high temp down very quickly.

    Hope she's ok soon hun xxx

  • I tend to give Emily calpol at bedtime if she gets really grumpy and uncomfortable and wont settle - and i have been through the whole winding, nappy changing, feeding process.

    If she is really bad i have given her Calprofen which i think is more effective than the calpol. As the others have said, a small dose won't do any harm. It is better to chance it and it works than not give it and have a baby in pain.

    It's so hard to work out what they are feeling isn't it?

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