Im Late...........

Hi Girls,

I am late on my period??? My last one was 31 December, I stopped breastfeeding in December so I am wondering if maybe it just takes time for your body to get back to having normal periods??

If I am pregnant again we would be very chuffed as we want a small age gap anyway but I took 20 months ttc with Amber so I doubt I could fall straight away!I had blocked tubes and had to have them flushed, the month after our baby girl was conceived yay!! We only had sex the once without condoms but I worked out it would of been bang on ovulation date.

I am not sure whether to do a test as I may not have even missed a period if my body is a bit all over the place, very confused!!! What do you think??

Oh for those of you that no me out of here or on facebook please don't say anything on there, dont want everyone knowing - thanks image xx


  • The only way to know is to test. My periods are all over the place so I've been testing each month just in case. It does take a while to get back to a regular pattern so the only way to know is wait it out or test.
    Just cos it took ages last time doesn't mean it will again. Test, test test. Good luck, jealous but glad it's not me all at the same time. S x
  • Ooooooooooooh, that'd be great! It took us ages with Riley too, so a success story second time round would be lovely. Fingers crossed for you! xxx
  • I will wait till hubby is home and take a test just to see, I just think its my body though getting back to normal after birth and b'feeding xx
  • Whens he home?! Let us know image

  • owwwww poas!!! Fingers crossed hun x x x
  • haha he is home on Friday but not till midnight so will test on Sat xx
  • Do a test hun, let us all know sadly I wont be joining you either really am broody though xx
  • Louise I forgot to get a bloody test today, you should have reminded me lol!! Shall get on when we go shopping on Fri xx
  • Hi i was breastfeeding stopped in december n no af since oct, found out last week im pregnant early days i think x good luck hun x
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