Early morning waking please tell me its just a phase?????


My lo used to sleep till between 7-8am the past 2 weeks he's been waking at betwwen 5:30-6am........ he is nearly 7 months been weaned about 4 weeks still has a dreamfeeed why is he waking so early?



  • My girls did this for 2 weeks over Christmas and I found no explanation for it other than it was a phase. I couldn't find any relation to daytime sleep or food with them, however, they did have a growth spurt soon after they stopped doing it so not sure if it was related to that

    The only other thing I can think of is that the mornings are getting lighter Does he have a blackout blind in his room and could it be that?

    Sorry I cant help more
  • Ava always used to sleep till 8-9 when she was little but she then changed and now wakes about 6.30 and has been doing so for about 4/5 months!
  • Hi hun, hopefully for you it's just a phase, but i have an early waker myself and in our house 6am is the norm and we get a big shock if it's later than 7am!

    however in the last couple of weeks it has been getting lighter much earlier and with that i've found the birds are singing away much earlier so that might be a reason, and as trying4babym suggested a black out blind might help?

    sorry i don't have any other suggestions but hopefully it's just a phase! xx
  • Hi

    My LO is 22 weeks and we are also having the same problem, like yourself we still DF and are also weaning at the moment and she also wakes at 5.30 - 6.00 when it used to be 7.30.

    Like trying4babyM says it could be its getting lighter outside, our LO is still in with us at the moment and we haven't a black out blind but her room has so we are thinking of movin her into her own room (cry) to see if this helps.

    Sorrry not much help just wanted to let you know its not just yourself

    Christine x

  • I found that my daughter woke early when we were going through teething...she wasnt crying but obviously the teething woke her up....she would go to sleep about 1 hr later for an hour or so xx
  • Same problem here as well. image Beth is 6 months and has been doing this for about a month. It seems to be getting worse rather than better!

    I'm hoping she will eventually grow out of it. Either that or I will be going to bed super early forever!

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