Advice needed after a REALLY bad night!

Hi all

Last night Toby wouldn't settle - he did as normal around 7pm, but then woke screaming at 9pm and it was around 2am when he finally fell into a deep sleep.

Hubby casually said "I wonder if its his cot?" as in - the mattress had been pretty much perm raised due to a never ending stream of cold and bunged up baby! He remembers T being like this once before when we flattened it. He's also very unsettled when we stay away as the travel cot is flat.

So I got thinking - Toby has silent reflux and I know it hurt lying down sometimes. Do you think that was it? I did end up raising his mattress again and after that he seemed to be settling much better, but it could have been the calpol working? We tried teething remedies, temp was only a touch raised and he seemed to be holding his hands up to his mouth constantly and he was just crying and screaming in his sleep until he woke himself up. So we thought it was teeth but then suddenly though what if it is the silent reflux hurting him?

He's on SMA Staydown milk now and we've had 2 bad feeds since putting him on it so it IS working, but of course the reflux doesn't go away does it?

My question is - do you think it could be why he was unhappy and crying? Also is it OK to leave the mattress perm raised???

Thankfully I had a bit of unexpected help when T woke at 6am today so was able to get in a bit of extra kip but I'm still shattered!!!

Joo xxxxxxxxxx


  • Hey hun, sorry you had a really bad night. Could I just be a pain and ask what symptons you had to know it was silent reflux in the 1st place?

  • Hey Joo

    They actually recommend that you use a cod wedge with silent reflux all the time. It won't do him any harm - it means that the acid doesn't sit in that place - the acid builds up over the day, you see and by the evening, it's at it's worst...

    Have a look at this site:

    It's a brilliant site for ideas on what you can do to make them more comfortable... We didn't get Daisy a wedge because we used one at my mum's (she had it already because my niece also had reflux!), but Daisy used it as a launching pad to get her from one end of the cot to the other by the time she was 12 weeks old!!!!!!! Monkey... However, my niece had it and it worked well for her...

    Does he have Gaviscon?

    Joey - that'll be a good site for you too!

    C xx
  • we have MJ's cot permanently raised on cot blocks (2 books under each foot :lol: )
    its been raised since she was diagnosed and we have no intention of lying it flat again until she is over 1 at least....

    it could well be the reflux, and it could also be wind? MJ can get really windy at night time even if she's been winded properly and has had a 'normal' day and it really upsets her when she trumps in her sleep - she wakes herself up lol.

    One thing we found that also seems to help her, strangely, is the calgel rub that you put on their chest (and its only the calgel one unfortunately) it seems to warm her chest up and makes it easier for her in some way... we usually put a small amount of that on her most nights and she now goes off without a problem, and if she wakes up and really wont settle (not too often anymore) then we put another small dab of it on her. its not an overpowering smell either image we tried using boots own and snufflebabe for the same reason and it didnt have any effect at all image :\?

  • Sorry you had a bad night Joo.

    It could be T's reflux but is this the first time he's done this? Or the first time for a while? It could just have been a bad dream? Or his tea not settling on his tummy very well (can't remember if you're doing solids at tea time?). Could it have been his teeth?
    On saturday night, Lily did something similar. She woke at midnight and wouldn't go back to sleep until 4.30am, and that was in the spare bed with me. I changed her nappy, offered her food which she flatly refused, and cuddled her but she wasn't having any of it. I gave up trying to analyse it and hoped it was a one-off and it seemed to be.

    Maybe it was just one of those things that you'll never get to the bottom of? Although, if it happens again tonight, I agree that you may want to try something different to try and help.

    Sorry not to have helped much xx
  • hi hun, lolah never ever slept flat as she had refux too, and whenever she did lay flat she would bring up what looked like all the feeds from that day, so no it wont do him any harm- she started lying flat when she was about 10 mths as the reflux had passed.
  • Thanks all. I am thinking yes, it must be the reflux-y bit. Poor mite!

    I DO think an element of it was teeth - obviously so as his hands were at his mouth everytime I went in to him! Also he would not take his dummy to suck on and help him settle, he would just gnaw at it!!!

    Will take a look at the cot wedges! Thanks for the link!!!

    Stephe - we use snuffle babe, but might try the cal ... one see how he gets on?

    Thanks all so much - I know its odd but I do feel like I can deal with the bad nights more when I know what's causing them! i.e. teeth or being poorly!!!

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