I have so much to do at home it's driving me mad. Big pile of ironing, rooms to clean but I just can't be bothered. I know everyone says leave it when you've just had a baby but lo now nearly 5 months so I should get my act together but just can't get motivated.
Even when lo has a nap (like she is now) I just sit & watch tv and then feel really lazy and stress about not doing anything. OH not complaining, he's really good and has been helping with housework loads, especially when I was pregnant.
Kitchen looks a mess. Drying clothes everywhere as weather shite & don't want to shrink anything in tumble dryer! Bathroom horrible as well. Argghhh - not making myself feel better!
In laws visiting again soon so maybe that will motivate me..?


  • Getting started on it is always the hardest part! I'm back at work so have to fit the housework in at the weekends. I find the earlier in the day I start on it the better it is - then I can sit down for 5 minutes with a coffee and feel it's deserved.
    You could always leave it and let the in-laws help with it when they arrive!
  • Hi i to find myself reading,online or just watching tv when i have the spare time lol!but i agree with Crilly its so much easier to just do one job a day,then try to do the whole house at once!my lo is in a good routine and naps at the same times so i will do a quick hoover and dust round then..ect but like i said at the start sometimes i simply cant be bothered,its fine dont stress about it,i also think if you have a toy box(i just use a wicker basket which looks ok in the corner of my living room)to store all los toys in,that way i can just chuck em all back into and its an instant clean up and makes the place look tidier already!I have also just decided to do my own private cleaning,do afew ppl so yeah i will big up for the cleaner idea lol ps i have vancancies hehe
  • Kara only has half hour naps per day and loves being entertained after that. In her first nap I have time to maybe get myself washed and dressed and some breakfasts. If I have already this done it gives me time to sort out the stuff to take out for the day if I am going out, So housework tends to be pushed to the side until oh comes home from work. I am returning to work in 5 weeks and I want the house sorted so I would need to get a move on. It is tidy in areas. It just needs cleaned and my floors need done badly. We won't even talk about upstairs. At least it is only me and oh that sees that.
  • Daisy only naps for half hours so i have to be super speedy in everything i do which is in stark contrast to what i used to be like. Before i had daisy i used to work 40 hours but over 4 days so something like 9 tikll 8 so i only did housework on my day off so i would take all day watch a bit of telly etc. Now everything is rush rush rush and is a bit of a catlick im afraid. yesterday we had friends over tea time ish so i had been cleaning at various moments throughout day singing away to daisy as i went! I ate my lunch and cleaned 3 bathrooms in 30 min lunchtime nap!! Ha when Lee got home he said im going for a shit(sorrry but you know what they are like) I shouted no ive just cleaned them toilets!! He lookedat me as if id gone mad and said well where else would you like me to go. I compromised and said he could use upstairs one as long as he cleaned it after. How frustrating is it though when you have really struggled for time and then they go mess it up. I bit my lip and said nothing when he went for shave and shower after i had ade sure our en suite was spotless cus my mum was staying over night in our room with daisy so i could get some sleep. Youcan see why they think we are so wierd i get pissed off when Lee uses hand towels cus he just throws them over sink or towel rail. And hes like kel its a towel!!!!!! Cus i did everything yesterday i have 30 mins to spare to come on here which is good. I have also founfd that i have to be really organised and try and keep house tidy all the time where as before i used to have a blitz once a week. I really wouldnt care if no one else came round but youhave so manyvisitors when you have a baby that i do get embarassed if they see it a mess. My friend came round on monday who is 16 weeks pregnant and she did my hair for me, she started cleaning my oven!! I was bit embarassed but i think shes nesting!!
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