Please help re naps

Please help mummies :\)

DD (7.5 months) has gone from taking a 1.5 hour nap in the morning (from 9.30am) to now just 30 mins! Thing is I know she's not had enough sleep, she's then very grumpy :cry:
She's only having 30mins in an afternoon too (she used to do this but that would be enough for her with the 1.5 in a morning).
I put her in a sleeping bag and in her cot. I don't go to her straight away or anything either. Arrrrrrrr!!!! She's just SO grumpy!
Pleeeeeease help, what can I do?? xx


  • What time is her afternoon nap? Now she is cutting morning nap could you move it earlier. I am having problems with Beth's naps (although she is doing the opposite - loooooong morning nap then no afternoon nap and totally shattered in the afternoon) This morning I decided to wake her after an hours morning nap and then put her down slightly earlier for lunchtime nap. She went to sleep sooooo easily for the first time in ages. Bliss. Been asleep 30 mins so far. Am really hoping she sleeps 1.5 hours. Or at least an hour.

  • Hi,

    Is your LO starting to sleep better at night? Since my DS has slept through, I'm finding he kicks up a stinker when I put him down for naps at his usual time. When I do finally get him off he'll only sleep for 30 mins in morning so think he must've been undertired. I'm told nap timings change constantly as they get older. With better quality night sleep, I've moved his first morning nap later (15 mins) and this morning he extended to 45 mins (which I'm happy with so as to extend his lunchtime nap) and whereas yesterday he had only 1 hour at lunch, by extending the awake time by 15 mins, he slept 1.5 hours. He'll probably have a cat nap of 15-30 mins later this aft. I try to not let him sleep more than 3 hours in the day.

    Gi & Thomas 23 weeks & 3 days
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