anyone ever paid back additional maternity pay?

Hi i may be a position where i am going to have to pay back my additional maternity pay!
has anyone ever done this?
any info?
its for the nhs-anyone dealt with them regarding this?


  • Hi wannababy.

    I am in the same situation as you. I handed my notice in last month and it would of been up on the 7th July.
    I have not heard anything from them yet, but I did ring Payroll when I handed in my notice and let them know. They informed me that Finance department send out very snotty letters with regards to paying back the maternity pay. So like me just be prepared.
    Do you know what happens to the rest of our SMP does the nhs still pay us this? or do we have to claim that seperate? xx
  • Does it have to be paid in full or can it paid back in instalments. Would be interested to hear if anyone has had to do this xx
  • The only information I have is what is in my contract and it just says that if I dont return for 3 months after excepting additional maternity pay I will be liable to pay it all back (above smp) but this can be waivered if it puts me in finacle difficulty.
    I had 6 months with additional pay and there is no way on earth i can pay it all back in one hit. I will offert them ??20 a month (for the rest of my life) as that is all I am going to be able to afford and they can have an income and expenidture form to prove it if it makes them feel better,lol.
  • i have phoned again and they are going to find out some info for me inculding how much i would have to phone back.
    anyone else done this?
  • i am having dreams about work now. i dreamt i went for an interview at another place the other night. and id be tempted to sayt he same as you, they can take it in small installments. lease update when you know more.
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