Hi everyone i need some help Lexie woke early this morning her teeth are hurting her she has had a a&p powder and some anbesol i will give calpol later if still bad i was just wondering if there is anything else i can do to help her i hate seeing her in pain the tears are awfallimage
any tips that helped your lo would be great thanks
Lin& a very upset Lexie


  • Sorry i dont think there is much more you can do apart fromt he pain relief x
  • hi sammy thanks i just feel so helpless did Jayden have any probs with his teeth?how many now?
  • Hi Lin, hes had problems with his teeth but luckily its not been too bad. Hes now got 3, the 3rd one just kind of come out of nowhere over the space of 48 hours! It didnt cause him any problems at all. But there are two others about to make an appearance and fingers crossed so far not caused any probs! I know how you feel though you do feel helpless when they are in pain image
  • well she is feeling better now im going to treat her to a mini milk lol she is chewing the side of the laptop at the moment lol
  • Lol that must be tasty! Though I bet the mini milk will be better. Jayden loves them too, especially the strawberry one!
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