Keeping 15 month old occupied at home

I just wondered if you have a child of a similar age what you do to keep them occupied when at home? I have found in the last few months that my little boy gets very bored with all his toys very quickly. I read to him and we listen to baby CDs but his favourite way to occupy himself is going up and down stairs, opening and closing drawers, pressing buttons on the washing machine etc. It's sometimes really hard to keep him busy for long stretches of time though. Any suggestions??


  • make sure you go out every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my lo is 18 months and i think she is so much easier to entertain now cus she will actually play by herself now for short periods but if i was to stop in all day it would do my head in. we go swimming once a week go to rainbows a soft play area once a week i have couple offriends with kids and we take it in turns ro go to each others houses for lunch 'trash ' their house lol. even just a trip to the shops or park is enough to just get out.
    it doesnt matter many toys they have they will always wanna play with the washing machine drawers et so let him thats how they learn. i just removed anything dangerous from the drawers and moved them up high and let her play with the rest. i got so fed up of hearing myself say no i just thought ill just make it safe!! the washer i let her put what ever she wants in she plays happily with that the brush and dustpan and brush is another favourite . my cupboards all have locks on except my pots and pans one!!! she goes in there a hundred times a day and she is allowed to play with the collonder and wooden spoons etc. i must say no!!!!! out the bin 2 hundred times a day lol but in general she likes to do anything im doing or finds destructing paper magazines letters and toilet rolls the most enetertaining. again within reason i let her do waht she has to whilst im doing something else then clear up what little mess she has created.
    i have realsied that is soooo hard to 'play!' all day and actually they dont want to they want to be doing real things with real things!!!!
    i actually find that my day goes really quick and sometimes i think i havnt actually played or read t her .
  • My ds is nearly 14 months & is non-stop!!! Dylan is good at contenting himself, but does have his days when he seems to want to mess about with everything other than his toys too!
    I've done what Westbrom1 has done & just made everything as safe as poss. We also go out most days to swimming, playgroups etc etc which usually takes a few hours out of the day.
    I bought a colouring-in book yesterday, so we can sit together & do that...he seemed to like it for all of 15 mins!
    Sarah x
  • Have you tried art activities? Yesterday we made little cards for the grandparents. I cut out shapes from coloured paper and we stuck them on a folded sheet to make cards. We also do painting with finger paints from ELC. She either uses her hands or I give her a makeup sponge. For painting, I put her in her high chair with a big bib on and cover the tray with cardboard and cling film.

    Baking is fun too. Mostly she likes to watch and help with the occasional stirring and adding things to the bowl. Again, I put her in her high chair so she'e the right height and can see everything.
  • Thanks so much for the suggestions. I do get out every day and do lots of activities. A slight problem is that he isn't walking yet so going to the park, shopping etc can be difficult as he wants to get out the buggy and that means me carrying him. I will try some more creative play - I've never done painting or cooking with him. His attention span is about 1 minute but I will give it a go!
  • Gabe's 15 months too & totally know how you feel, he hates his toys and would much rather play with cupboards, shoe laces, empty pop bottles, boxes etc! I just let him play with whatever he wants really as long as it's not dangerous....

    Gabe likes being read to though & would be all day if it were up to him....if he wants a story he throws the book at me!
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