soya milk

hi lizzie has been put on soya milk today which was prescribed by thedoctor. i forgot to ask if i would have to buy it normally after her review or if i would still get it on prescription, could someone please tell me? im happy to pay for it but its ??9 a tub!!
also for people that use it has your little one improved? doc said it may take 10days, whats your experience?


  • hi, ds has been on soya (sma wysoy) since 4.5months old, he's now 1yr, and its still prescribed, and as far as i'm aware will be unitl the paed says he no longer needs it, his next review is at 18 months, and the current plan is for the barium meal test thing to take place when he's 2. hth xx
  • Thank you so much. I will ask about having to pay for it when I go back in 2 weeks (or a week if i see improvement) I am going to ask to see a dieticain IF she improves so they can give me some guidiance on weaning her.
    thanks for your help. Only place I have seen it for sell is in boots and thats over 8 miles from me!
  • the bigger tescos and asda's also sell it, and the local pharmacys do too but sometimes thats just in the half size tubs and they're ??5.49 so thats ??11 for a normal size if u had to buy it like is more expensive than standard formula, but i guess thats to put u off giving it to baby unless needed, and then usually it wld be on prescritpion anyway....
    if u have any questions about weaning or anything then u can always ask me, and i'll be happy to help xx
  • aw thanks hun thats really helpful!
    Lizzie has horridly sore skin and her nappies were just getting worse and worse and thenb over last 48 hours she was becoming so unsettled after her bottles!
    Im nowhere near weaning at the moment but i will put out a post for you when we get there!lol
    The gp we saw today was very helpful so hopefully if the milk starts to help her then the reveiw will go well!
    thanks again for your help image
  • your welcome, its horrible seeing them so uncomfortable isn't it.
    jsut a heads up, but nothing to worry over, in babies under 6 months old they can become intolerant to soya too as it is a similar protein to cows milk, not always, but sometimes, just so u know, if she does improve and then go backwards again that it can jsut be that, and if this does happen there are plenty of other milks available, just soya is the only one tahts truely dairy happened to ds, he was fantastic on the soya for about a month, then he started slipping back again, although no where near as bad as before, he was taken off the soya and put on nutrimagen for 2 weeks, but this made it even worse, so back on the soya at 6 months, and from then on he was fine with it...just thought i'd let u know so that u don't panic, as i did really worry as nobody had warned me prior so thought he was really ill, but babies 6m+ can tolerate soya, its just before 6m some cows milk inotelrant babies do develop a soya intolerance, nothing bharmful, just very anoying when u don't know lol. but like i say, he's been fine on it since then, and now has soya cheese, yoghurts etc no problem at all...infact he's showed no signs of his intolerance since then, except he's till got a tiny bit of eczema, but again nothing that bothers him. xx
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