Please tell me it will get better... :\(


Adam is going to be 4 months old on Saturday.

Over the past week or so, he has gone from being a relatively good sleeper (waking once for a feed after his bedtime bottle at 7pm) to waking up practically every hour. He doesn't want feeding, he just wakes up, cries, and then I shushy him for a few mins and he goes back off to sleep.

I am absolutely exhausted, as I am not getting more than an hour's unbroken sleep all night. I find it impossible to nap during the day (too much to do!!) so I can't catch up on my sleep then. I am getting grumpy and short tempered, which I hate.

Has anyone been through the same? Does it ever get any better??

Cath & Adam (15+4)


  • What does he do if you don't shush him???
  • ...he gets himself really worked up, which then makes him ten times harder to settle. I am usually quite good at knowing when I can leave him to self-settle and when he requires some intervention...
  • Sam started doing this at 4 months and it was teething. Have you tried teething gels/powders? x
  • hmmmmmm well it will get better - it's possible that it's early teething or something else making him uncomfy.
  • we have had this from just before 4 months, anything from once in the night to every half an hour, it was much worse than when he was a newborn!! babies of that age are suppose to wake due to the amount of development changed they are going through, ours was also coupled with teething, now after nearly 6 weeks (he is 5 months) things are getting better and so far this week we have just been getting up when LO gets stuck trying to roll over x

  • ooooo ooooo me me me!!!!!

    Bubs did this for like a week and a half, randomly crying in the night, i wondered if it was bad dreams etc, i did post about it on baby but dont think i got many answers if you can find my post? Basically she stopped after a bit but it absolutely nackered me out!!
    So, I don't have an actual answer i'm afraid, just to say that it must be a phase as she went out of that and straight in to waking every 2 hours or so for a feed so i'm doubly nackered! The general consensus (I posted about this aswell in baby lol) seems to be that its a really long growth spurt, so far i've had about 10 hours sleep in 48 hours and the same as you can't sleep during the day! I'm trying to ride it out but it's tough!

    So :lol: yes the weird crying thing does stop but if its anything like my bubba there may be more weirdness to come!!
  • It WILL get better hun. Promise

    Teething, rolling, growth spurts, illness etc all affect sleep. Beth went through a phase of waking LOTS when she first learnt to roll and would wake on her tummy. We started to put some music on to distract her which helped then she gradually got used to it. But she didn't start properly sleeping 7-6 until she started crawling at 8 months. I think she had so much energy before that she would wake at night to use. But now she is so active all day that she is exhausted and sleeps really well.

    Babies go through so many phases that stuff their sleep up.Sitting, crawling, standing, walking. One week Beth will nap like a pro then the next it all goes wrong and I panic. But I've found chanting 'this will pass' helps!!!!

  • I promise, it will get better, just doesn't feel like it when you're in the middle of it. One day you will look back and this time will be a happy blur - and you will want more! x
  • hey hun,

    Apparently the 16 week/4 month growth spurt is one of the hardest for mummies. Emily has been waking every 3/4 hours every night for the last few weeks due to this and teething. I am so exhausted! I can't imagine how you are feeling, at least i am getting a couple of hours in a row of sleep.

    Can your oh help you at the weekends or when he isnt working? Just to do a couple of feeds to give you a break? Or do you have anyone who could watch Adam for a couple of hours while you get some time to yourself to relax?

    I really should take my own advice! I really dont want anyone to watch Emily and because i am ebf no-one else can feed her unless i express. I just keep plodding along, one day though i will just need to stop being a control freak and ask for help. image

    Hopefully Adam gives you a break soon!

  • Thanks for all your replies :\)

    I really hope this is just a phase/growth spurt. He is practically growing before my eyes at the minute - I have had to retire all his 3-6 month vests and babygros and stock up on 6-9 month ones as he is sooo long!

    He has also learnt lots of new 'tricks' (rolling, holding head up during tummy time etc) which might be having an impact.

    This Mummy business is harder than I expected! It feels like two steps forward, one step back at the minute (or more like one step forward, three steps back!)

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