He fell asleep on his own!

Weve been doing pick up put down for 2 nights now because Connor cant fall asleep on his own and earlier he fell asleep in his chair!
I know this is run of the mill for most of you but its the first time hes done it and im so happy! Hopefully itl happen again tonight



  • Yeah!!!! Sounds like it is working then. Fingers crossed that he does it tonight as well for you.
  • Thanks girls really hope tonight goes well! Do you know how long pupd takes to work?

  • i have been doing controlled crying for the last four nights.the time that he crys for has gone down everynight tonight i left him and a couple of minutes later all went quiet and he is fast asleep now x
  • Really well done to him and you guys as I know it can be really draining. Won't be long and he'll be snoozing on his own every night x
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