People astound me!!!

Seriously .....

I have no idea why you would a) willingly inject your child with a poison that they dont need and b) teach them "exercise" that is sexually provocative when they are just 7 and should be skipping and playing with dolls!


  • Madness. I can't believe how mental people are. xxx
  • OMG!!! I am totally lost for words!!!!
  • Sorry, double post

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  • Honestly, is this mum for real? I'm all for encouraging excercise, but by that I mean, taking kids to the park, swimming etc...not pole dancing...its just opening up a world that is far too old for her. Well thats my opinion anyway!!

    And botox, I can't understand why anyone would inject their fifteen year old, wrinkle free child with botox....surely there must be laws against this?
    Does anyone even really understand the long term affects of this? Its hasnt been around long enough to understand what sort of complications a person using it from the age of 15 might have after prolonged use.

    I mean, the stories of katie prices face collapsing because of her overuse....This young girl at the age of 25 will no facial muscles left. And she's still too young to understand what its all about really.

    Disgusting!!!! Thats all I can say really.

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  • Would you not think that at 50, her mother would know better???? It seems that she is using her daughters in these shocking ways to get stories like this printed-and her picture & business in the papers. I'm shocked & upset for that poor little girl-who's not being allowed to be a little girl!xx
  • It says the 7 year old wants a boob job when she's older (quoted by the mum!) and wears high heels and make up as well. I actually find that more shocking than the pole dancing (which is bad enough). As a parent, why would you encourage invasive procedures, painful shoes, etc? I have no problem with people having plastic surgery, if they are an adult, and make an informed decision, but ffs, this little girl is YEARS off even growing boobs, let alone getting them ENHANCED! Some parents are just complete idiots! OK, she may not be pole dancing outside the home, but this mother is clearly encouraging sexualised behaviour, and showing her children that drag queen looks and massive tits are better than being natural. And is it just me or do those who wear tons of make up, spend their life either on the operating table or the sun beds, are nipped, tucked and bleached to death, actually end up looking OLDER?!?
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