napppy dilema!!

Evening, i was hoping to pick all your brains

Ds2 is almost 9 weeks old and i am having a nightmare with nappies at night.....he is in huggies newborn size 2`s and i`m finding that they are leaking around the legs which means i am having to change him when he has his bottle or wakes because he is wet. Normally he wakes because he is wet... this is causing me a problem because i`m sure he`d sleep longer if not wet and once i`ve changed him he is wide awake so takes ages to go down again.

Any ideas???? I cant change to pampers as already tried that and he has a reaction to the new filling and gets a really sore bum. Should i go up a size and absorbancy level???

Jeni and Jacob 9 weeks


  • Yes, I would try going up a size. This always worked for us. We use Huggies Superdry at night. Hmmm, now I think about it though, I always changed his nappy half way through a nightfeed when he was 9 weeks though... Sorry, so not that helpful! Still, have a go with bigger nappy - can't hurt! xx
  • I always have to change my boys the minute they hit the lower weight on the nappies, so ds1 at 36lb is in size 6 and ds2 at 24lb is in size 5's. I find otherwise we get lots of leaks.

  • I would go up a size, we found lo was starting to leak & went up to next size. We used pampers but the old ones & as we didn't want to buy dry max one we changed to asda which I love.

    Jayne xx
  • i use tescos own brand nappies and i have NEVER "touch wood" had a leak and dd is now ovewr 9months!! i would suggest going up a size image

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  • We've stuck with huggies after pampers leaked constantly in the first few weeks. I've always gone up a size once we start getting leaks. I'd given size3's a go x
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