Tummy time toys

Anyone got any good suggestions for tummy time toys? :\?

I have some v-tech toys for my lo but I think we are all getting a bit bored of hearing the same tunes!!
I would like something that she can actually play with whilst on her tummy to distract her as after about 10 mins or so she gets frustrated. I have seen a piano toy by Fisher Price which they can roll the keys on to make noise - anybody got this...? I don't mind spending up to ??20, but the cheaper the better!

Any suggestions greatly appreciated xx


  • i got a water mat from the elc my little one liked that as the toys inside move about in the water
  • Lily liked to play with the little cloth books, that have flaps and different textures & noises. I just used to turn the pages for her to try and keep her interested. And they're relatively cheap and washable!
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