Fitting baby into toddlers routine

Hi, can anyone give me any tips on how to get baby and toddlers routines relatively in sync.. well as much as they can be? Nina is only 3 weeks and at the moment is doing her own thing re feeding and sleeping. But it is difficult trying to juggle the two, especially bedtime when oh is working late. How early can I try and get Nina in a routine? Or should I continue to leave her to do her own thing and hope things fall into place?
Any advice would be appreciated..please! x

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  • Hi,

    Madison is 5 weeks now & things are starting to fall into place though it was a bit mad at the start. I also have a 3 year old & a 15 month old so the main thing I tried to do was to get Madison feeding at certain times. I bottlefeed so I understand this isnt as easy if you are breastfeeding. I found that if I knew Madison was due a feed at 10am then I could make sure the girls were up, dressed, breakfast in them & amusing themselves to give me the chance to sort Madison out & the same for lunch, tea & bedtime too. Its still a bit mad at times (I'm sitting eating my lunch as I'm typing!!! lol) but this week I have noticed a big difference with all of them starting to adjust to their 'new' routines. Bedtime for the older 2 girls is 8pm so I start getting them ready at 7.30pm then put them up at 8pm on the dot & striaght down to get Madison a feed coz shes due fed then so if we are late getting them ready the whole thing falls apart if that makes sense.

    What age gap is there between yours??

    Hilary x
  • god hilary, sounds like u really have your hands full, my lo is 15months old, and due with no2 in 12 days! u sound very organised, i will have to get my bum in gear when new baby arrives as im so disorganised!!x
  • Hi

    My twins were 17 months when baby arrived and I just kept trying to fit baby into their routine. I bfed so it was hard at times (but i bought a freedom sling so that i cld feed on the go) but by 8 weeks things had started to even out and i felt back in control.

    Now lo is 7 months and twins 2 and they all sleep and eat at the same time (well lo has a extra afternoon nap) so it was def worth persevaring (sp) in the early days good luck it does get easier

  • Amy,

    I like to call it organised chaos!!!!! lol
  • lol!! My oh's cousin had there 5th and 6th children on monday , so they have 6 children under 6 now! she is brilliant and so organised! i'd love to be like that! My 1st got herself into a brilliant routine so i hope this baby fits in nicely too..we will see!!xx
  • wow!!! You would really need to be organised there, especially with school runs to deal with on top of everything else!!!
  • Hi, Hilary sounds like you're doing brilliantly just 5 weeks on! There's 18 months between my two. Unfortunately Angelo hasn't taken the arrival of his sister too well so that doesn't help! I am breastfeeding but I think even at this stage I'm starting to see a bit of a pattern so hopefully I can try and work round that in the coming weeks. Do you manage to get yourself dressed in the

    Doublebubble, is the freedom sling really good for bf on the move? I actually had just put a post on the bf forum asking about slings. Which one do you have?
    Thanks for your replies. xx
    Thanks again
  • Aww bless. Hopefully he'll come round soon. I know Zara took the arrival of Madison very badly at first (she wouldnt look at me & everytime she looked at Madison she burst into tears!!!) but thankfully once we were home came round fairly quickly.

    I just about manage to get up dressed & my hair & make up done in the morning though some mornings it would be fair to say that its a very rushed effort!!!

    I know I dont breastfeed but I have a babasling which is supposed to very good for breastfeeding. I know I find it very comfortable to wear & get bits & pieces done if Madison is unsettled & she absolutely loves it. What I liked about it was the fact that it was adjustable & my hubby could wear it too though I'm not sure he is as keen seeing as I ordered a pink one!!!! lol

    Its great that youre starting to see a pattern & I know once I found a pattern emerging that things got a lot less hectic for all of us!!!

    Good Luck

    Hilary x
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