when did you change to beakers for milk?

LO is really good with beakers and has his juice out of them, i wondered wether it was time to give him milk in a beaker?

when did you switch

becca and jacob
25 weeks


  • When my lo had his 8 month development check, the HV told me that he should be having his milk out of a beaker now, he has water out of one and he can use it very well however I tried to give him his milk out of a beaker once and he didn't drink any of it.

    I think when my lo is a year old and he can have cows milk, then i might
    swap to a beaker
  • My HV said to aim for 1, but to start trying before that. DD is 9 months, and although she will gulp down water out of a beaker, she will throw a hissy fit if I offer her milk in a beaker!

    I am just going to keep trying, but not push it, and not worry for a while image
  • I think I swapped DD at about a year (but she was 7 weeks prem) for her afternoon milk drink. She has been having her morning milk from a beaker since around 15 months, and now at 20 months we are doing away with the bedtime bottle in favour of a beaker.

    Some people may see this as quite late, but having tried on a few occasions I felt it better to wait until she was ready rather than forcing the issue. She had terrible reflux as a baby so just to see her enjoying a bottle of milk from 6 months was a joy, so didn't want to push things!

    It's more important that you brush their teeth once they get them after bottle feeding morning and night, as the bottle means the milk stays in contact with their teeth for longer, possibly leading to decay in the long term. x
  • i have heard the earlier the better but i dont want to make him take less milk as hes not a great fan anyway, might be worth a try, did you ladies start with a soft teat for milk or a firm one, LO finds the firmer ones easier to drink (and chew) from x
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