High reading gro egg thermometer

I had a topic about high readings over the hot weather, but our egg has continued to read high. I've put this down to the blackout blind, making the room retain heat. However as James is still in with us, our gro egg is on the bedside table behind the clock radio, and with the baby monitor. I believe it's picking up the heat from these, as I've put it on the floor and it's reading a couple of degrees lower. I've been ignoring the readings anyway, and going by how cold I was, and James has been fine. Sorry if this is completely obvious to everyone else, I did consider it ages ago, but hadn't tested the theory until this morning. The room was reading 25, but was actually 22. Hope this helps someone, if not oh well! image xx


  • It'll depend on how high it is in the room too hun. Definitely a good tip! x
  • When I first used the egg, it was over the other side of the room. Not near anything else. When I moved it to where it is now, it went up 2 degrees straight away. I don't believe one side of my room is 2 degrees colder than the other side, and I'm believe 2 degrees is a big temperature change, for putting the gro egg 6 inches lower than it was originally. xx
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