Positional talipes and casts

Hi My 8 week old girl had talipes(sp) when she was born we've been having physio but it hasn't improved so today we were told both her legs will be put in plaster right up to her thighs :cry:
I'm just wondering if anyone has had experience of this and how your baby reacted to the casts being on

Thanks Clair xx


  • Oh hunny that sounds awful.

    Abby had talipes (still does) but her physio wasn't worried and said that they would probably go away when she started walking, although she is cruising now and if anything things seem worse than when she was tiny, although I am not sure,

    Not much help but didn't want to R&R - hope your LO is alright with the casts - as far as I know, babies dont tend to mind these things, and like with most things it is waaaaay harder on mummy than baby.

  • I was born with positional talipes 29 years ago and had to have special boots with bars on until I was 2 1/2 yrs. My mum hated them at the time and there are no photos of me wearing them however she now says that I wasn't bothered by them at all. Once the boots came off she started me doing ballet which I did up until 18yrs old and loved. It really helped with my posture and discipline in controlling and maintaining my feet position. Now you would never know!

    Not really much help with casts just wanted to share my experience with you x
  • MrsP
    hi! so sorry to hear this news - my 6 and a half month old has developmental hip problems and has been in a frog harness since she was 6 weeks old, we have to go back on monday coming to see if it has worked and whether she needs to go into plaster, it breaks my heart everytime i think about it...
    however if you havent already found it google 'steps charity' there is a forum on there which is an absolute lifesaver!! you will find so many people going through exactly the same and lots of advice and support, please join and post your worries and concerns and you will get so much support. im now in touch with 2 people in my area who i regulalry text or meet with and its been an absolute lifesaver!!

    email me if you like hun, hugs, jane and grace xxx
  • Hi there MrsP, my son had casts on both feet & legs up to the knee when he was 4yrs old - like you we were devastated. It was to cure toe-walking - which he had done to the point that his tendons had shortened and he couldn't put his heels flat on the ground.

    Obviously ds was a lot older than your lo, but I just wanted to reassure you that it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. This is one of those things that is def worse for mummy than baby! And I'm not sure, but I imagine it's a lot easier with a baby whose not on the move yet.


  • Well she had them put on yesterday and it was awful she screamed the whole time they were doing it and since has been really irritable and grumpy bless her, everything is so much harder now changing her nappies she isn't allowed to have her nappy off for kicking incase she wees on the plaster and she can't have baths which she loves image
    It's really upsetting because she is crying like i have never heard her cry before it's a really distressed cry bless her.

    They said they will take the plasters off in a week and reposition the feet and replaster and im so upset thinking about it after seeing how much she screamed last time, she will be so relieved when they take them off then will get so distressed again when they start putting them back on image

  • so sorry to hear this hun
    we go on mon to see if grace needs a cast. its a general for her though if she does tho and on for 6-9 weeks at least i think

    did you go on steps site? if plaster is anything like hip plasters there is a nappy changing guide on the cdh/ddh section which may help you

    hope she settles soon
    love n hugs
    jane n grace xxx
  • thanks jane i have been on the steps website it is very helpful i hadn't come across it before so thanks for that, i didn't find the nappy changing guide but could really do with it as it is a struggle so i will have another look.

    I hope everything goes well for Grace on Monday, Alyssa needs hers on for 6 weeks too image but she needs them repositioning and replastering every week i can't bare the thought of it.

    Thanks again

    Clair and Alyssa xxx
  • i know steps is my lifeline at the min - like minded people going through the same, keeping each other sane!!

    the nappy changing guide is in the cdh/ddh section and it is a sticky post- so quite near the top

    also there is a list somewhere (i think near the nappy changing guide) what you can get on prescription, which you may or may not already know

    gosh - replastering every week - yikes! does she get anaesthetic each time? big hugs hun, its very hard but its for their best interests - you will find it harder than she will, wish i could take my own advice lol!!

    love jane n grace xxx
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