Swimming Nappies?


I've booked Jacob in for some swimming classes and wondered what everyone recommended regarding swimming nappies? I was thinking of getting him one of those wetsuits but not sure whether to jus try the swimming nappies on there own first.

Does your LO wear a disposable one and a reusable?

Any advice, thanks


  • Hi,

    At our swimming classes the babies have to wear a disposable swim nappy and a reusable swimming costume with really tight legs. I would recommend contacting the company your lessons are through and asking them what they require. We go to Flippers Swim Babe lessons and we order the reusable swimming costumes through them - they bring your order to the pool for the first lesson. Charlotte has never had a wetsuit as the pool has been plenty warm enough.
  • My little ones also swim with Flippers so they wear a double nappy (disposable then reusable 'happy nappy' over the top)like kkng said. The pool we used to go to was slightly colder than most so mine both have a wetsuit as well although they probably don't need them where they swim now.
  • I take sonny swimming every saturday, not for lessons just to splash around for fun & he wears a wetsuit & a boots own brand swimming nappy. Never had a problem with either.

    I would recommend the wetsuit cause even when the water is warm (as it is in most toddler/training pools/family splash times, lo's shoulders & arms spend a lot of time out of the water & sonny used to get blue lips & shiver alot but not since we got the wetsuit.
  • we go water babies and they insist on double nappy dispoable and re useable happy nappy. we also used to have to wear a wetsuit in the beginners class but dont have to now. some pols are really cold though so would recommend you wear one most swimming lessons will provide them.
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