what does your baby eat?

normal day for lillian 7 and a half months old

8.00 yogurt/ breakfast cereal and 4oz of milk

11.30 half a jar of 7mth and 4oz of milk

3.30 half a jar of 7mth baby food fruit puree pot and 4oz of milk

7pm usually 4oz of milk sometimes more

Im worried she isnt getting enough milk or food she goes through the night with usually 4oz of milk then when she wakes up she will have her breakfast but only 4oz im not sure if i am worried about nothing but this doesnt seem much.
do you think i should give her a bottle at 3.30 instead of food then food at 5 then she might drink abit more?
she wont entertain juice or water either so im abit stuck!!!


  • I've just posted a similar question!! I read that up to 12 months babies should have a minimum of 18 to 21oz each day so maybe your lo needs a little more milk. Could you try at 3.30 to increase milk and offer solids a little later?
    I'm new to this weaning and thought it would be so easy but its not!!!
  • my lo is 7months old and i space his milk and food out together

    at 6am 8oz milk
    8am breakfast
    10am snack
    11:30/12 lunch
    3pm 8oz milk
    5pm tea
    7:30 8oz milk

    try giving food/milk at different times but if shes happy and gaining weight i wouldnt see a problem x
  • she is very tubby and is gaining the right amount of weight. I will try her with a bottle at 3.30 then food at 5 and see how that goes as she is only really having 16oz of milk a day but she does have a yogurt everyday so that might make up for the 2oz she isnt drinking!!
    Thanks for the replies x x
  • I would try that too. Spacing food & milk out was always the best option for us & easiest, though it does feel like you are feeding them all day lol.

    Gabe's 15 months and he has

    -2 weetabix for breakfast

    -Jam sandwich for lunch ( 1 piece of bread) and 1/2 pack of wotsits or similar lol

    -Couple of biccies while waiting for tea lol sometimes fruit mid-afternoon too.

    -Tea varies.....Anything - things like cottage pie & veg, spag bol, fish pie, sausage casserole, roast dinners, fishfingers, chips....and 2 petit filous :\)
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