When to stop using babygros?

I love babygros! They're fab. But Gabe is such a tall boy. He is just about 20lb, but is outgrowing his 9-12 babygros even tho he's in 6-9 clothes still. Does anyone know what age babygros go up to - is it 12-18 or 18-24? When did you put your lo in PJs? Gabe has a pair but they were the only ones I liked and were ??10!!!


  • in some places you can buy sleepsuits upto 3/4 years old! Cant remember where i seen them but i know you can! I love them too and they are so cute on. I use a mixture of the two but def prefer sleepsuits
  • I seem to remember that we had 12-18 month ones for Millie but she went in pj's before she grew out of those so I'm not sure if you can get bigger or not. Think we might have the same problem as you with Barney, he has been in 6-9 month vests and sleepsuits for ages and they are a nice fit now but if he grows much more they won't fit, all his other clothes he is only just going into 6-9 months now.
  • Kelsie had baybgro's until she was 12 months. Then went into PJ's from then on. She wears a fleecy sleepsuit over the top to keep her feet warm as she will not keep her socks on!

    I have seen them 18-24 months somewhere......think it was George but not too sure!

    Kelsies a really tall child/baby/toddler :lol: so I know how you feel!!

  • i have seen sleepsuits up to the age a 5years in mothercare!!

    Anne was out of sleep suits at the age of 1 but that was her own choice she just went off them and loved her pj's better!!.
  • I LOVE sleepsuits and they make me feel like lo is still a bubba - he's just 1 and he got given 3 pairs of pj's for his bday but I am refusing to put him in them! So there ! image
  • primark had fleecy ones as well as dunnes stores until about 7/8 years of age! only ??4 or so each so good value. next do babygros up to 18-24 months & I think asda do too but not sure...ellie still in 3-6 months at nearly 9 months of age so i'm not much use! xx
  • I used baby gros until about 18 months, however dd aged 4 does have a fifi and the flower tots one in size 5/6 years from mothercare. I wouldn't have her in it by choice at this age (she chose them image) because I think it's too much fuss for them when the are trying to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, but whilst still in nappies, I like them because I don't worry if they are cold.

  • robbie was in ones at 3 the sleepy fleecy character ones, adams, mothercare asda etc, he has blues clues lol x
  • i found i was buying babygrows every couple of weeks he was growing so fast, so decided to buy pj's, they last so long because they don't have feet lol coz with babygrows i found they were too tight on his toes, i love babygrows too but my lo does look soooooooo cute in pj's

  • I still use babygrows i love them and they keep my lo's feet warm at night were as he's pj's don't he's 2 i get them from asda's
  • I love babygros Grace always sleeps in them il be keeping her in them until shes at least 18 months cuz i want to keep her as my baby lol!!!
  • I love baby grows I use then every night even tho he is 5 months in a years clothes & i also use then during the day if he is poorly.. i put a fresh one on but think they are comfy! zx
  • i love evie in her romper suits, and she still wears them. for bed she wears a romber underneath her pj's! i don't think i'll stop using them any time soon! X
  • I bought 6-9 months pj's for Louise as she seems to reach the bottom of baby grows so quickly, she seems t sleep bettter in pj's too. I think if I didn't use a sleeping bag i's worry about her feet getting cold but the sleeping bag is very snuggly.
  • I prefer cole in pjs now as he's not a baby any more - he's been in pj's since he grew out of his 6-9 month babygrows and I think he looks cute in them image He also has big feet so he's better off in pj's otherwise he'd end up in huge babygrows just to fit his feet in!

    Asda do cheap pj's - I think its ??4 or ??5 for a set of 2, and we got cole a set of 2 christmassy pj's for a tenner from mothercare.
  • We paid ??4 for a pack of 2 in asda of pj's.
  • I put Ollie in gros and he's 18 months old - i have some that go up to 2 years at the moment, and will look at getting some that go older when he grows out of these.
    I love them as they are easy, and they keep him warm.
    He does wear pjs as well though, but i dont like them as much as he pulls the trousers off all the time, so i never know if he's really warm enough in them....

  • Lily has 18-24 month babygros and I won't stop using them til they don't fit her anymore!

    Matalan do some nice fluffy pyjamas that are fairly cheap but nice and warm- Lily has a few pairs but Evie is just in babygros for now.(9-12 months).

  • Just to add, I get all my babygrows from mothercare. They aren't cheap but good quality- cos I only like the terry towelling ones!

  • Lara - I got an adult size 'babygrow' once - well teenage size years ago and it was really cool. Didn't have feet in it though.
    I'd never buy one again though because when you get up in the night to go to the loo you have to totally strip off and its bloody cold in winter!! Not fun!
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