Bottles in advance??

Hi my little girl is 9 days old and i was shocked to discover that you have to make the bottles up as and when you need them. This wasn't the case 7 years ago with my son. You used to make several up and keep them in the fridge.

What im doing now is putting the water in the bottles to cool then adding the powder when i need them. Is anyone else doing this or how are you doing it?

Also you can't use Johnson products or any products for the bath?? Again wasn't the case 7 years ago. Can't believe how times have changed.

Katherine and Erin 9 days. xx


  • I'm naught and we make up 6 at a time and keep them in the fridge and warm them up when needed. We make them up with boiliung water as advised by HV as this kills bacteria in the formula as it's not sterile and then put them in the fridge to cool.

    Lucas has never been poorly and this is what my Mum did with us!

  • Another naughty girl here as I make them up in advance too. I boil the kettle & leave for about 30 mins so it should still kill germs in the powder. I then cool them in a sink of cold water & then keep in the fridge. They're fine for 24 hours. It's what I did with my dd and she's fine.

    Also, don't know about the bath products - I use johnsons products too.
  • Hey hunny fancy meeting you I make up 6 bottles at a time too. I put the water in the bottles then put them into the fridge. I add the powder after a have reheated the water. I have the right amount of powder measured out and sealed in tt containers, i do 6 of these at a time too. At night to solve frequent runs up and down stairs i have a mini fridge upstairs, i put 4 bottles in it and place the measured milk containers on top. I have a bottle warmer at the side of the bed which makes the process really quick even though it seems long winded. Hope this helps x
  • i make them the same way as u paranoidmum, fill the sterilzed bottles with boiled water and then add the powder as and when.

    they say its best to just use water and cotton wool on babies skin as its delicate, and they don't need 'degreasing' or anything. i used cotton wool and water on his bum for first 6 weeks then moved to huggies pure and pampers sensitive wipes...the one time i used johnsons sensitive he came up in an awful rash! didn't start adding antthing to his bath until he was 6months when i put in the johnsons/tesco bedtime bath. only moisturiser i've ever used on him is olive/sunflower oil as its the closest u can get to the oil produced by the skin so least liekly to cause a reaction...worked wonders onj his cradle cap!

    hth xx
  • The most important thing wth making up the bottles is that the powder is added to water above 70degrees so the bacteria in the powder is killed off. The guidelines do actually Say that 'when it's not practical to make feeds just before feeding' You can make them up fully in advance then store in the fridge re-warming before feeding

    The bath products thing is to avoid stripping their skin of natural oils and/or causing a reaction in sensitive skin. I think johnsons is just meant to be one of the most irritating x
  • Hi, I too have always made up all the bottles for a 24hr period and kept them in the fridge until needed, then warmed them up in the microwave. Making sure it's only for 30secs or so and shaking well before feeding, to eliminate any hot spots. I know everything sdays you shouldn't do this, but I was poorly after giving birth and my parents did it for me, so I just continued it and my daughter is now 17 months old and has never had any problems. I used Johnson's mild as water bath wash and still do, never had any reactions to that either, although perhaps test a little on them to be sure. Hope this helps. x
  • I make them up in advance and have never had any problems. It's very hard trying to wait for the kettle to boil and then cooling the bottle down with a baby screaming for milk!

    The MW bathed my little boy in Johnsons in hospital and just said not to use lots.

    H x
  • Im the same and make them up in advance. I just think its awful making them up when needed, can you imagine your baby screaming for food, you then have to boil the kettle and it can take over an hour for the water to cool!! Its certainly not practical doing it that way!

    I make up 3 at a time boil the kettle, leave it to cool and then poor in the water and leave them on the counter until needed, and before i go to bed i always back up the morning feed.
  • I make up mine in advance. i fully make up the bottles and put them in the fidge. we are only on 3 bottles a day now but when she was a tiny baby i made up 6 at a tiome making sure i used them within 24 hours and i do the same now with 3. i make mine up after the school run so they are done by about 10am, this gives me a bottle for 3:30 one for 9pm and one for the morning at 7:30.
    i did exactly the same with my daughter who is 5 next week, mainly because i was never shown or told how to make up or store bottles so my mum showed me and it was how she always done it.
    i have a one-cup tefal thingy, so i use this for the hot water to put in jug and then stand bottle in it to warm up when needed. that way i dont have to wait for a kettle to boil. only thing is you cant use the tefals to make the bottles as the water doesnt actually boil,,booo!! x
  • Sorry to G/C but do the bottles need to go in the fridge? Its just i really want this little one to have bottles at room temp so i dont have to faff about warming them up like i did with dd but obviously if they are kept in the fridge they will be too cold? xx
  • MrsNoName we never put JJ's in the fridge, they just sat in the kitchen waiting to be powdered hehe x
  • I don't put mine in the fridge either. My LO likes the milk at room temp so I just fill the bottles with the water and they sit in the kitchen until we need to add the powder. Never had any problems.
  • Phew! Thanks image xx
  • we do room temp then add powder when needed - i think it is useful for them to have room temp milk - every one i know who has heated the milk their lo have to have everything heated including water??? Tobys milk, water, food are all room temp x
  • I had a conversation with some NHS auditor woman at my baby clinic this week exactly about this, and she was totally aghast that I make mine up in advance!

    I asked MW the day I swapped to FF from BF whether I had to make up one bottle at a time, and she said not to bother, just make up 6 full bottles, water and powder, and stick them in the fridge, then reheat as needed. HV also told me a few weeks later, when I was moaning about having to reheat downstairs in middle of the night, to just take up 2 bottles with us when we go to bed and let them come up to room temp during the night. She said as long as they stay sealed, no reason why aren't safe. I swear, the auditor woman looked like I said I feed my baby dog poo!!

    I knew nothing about the 70 degree thingy, or that the powder isnt sterile, until about 2wks ago (how embarassing, its not like I'm an idiot either!!), and LO is 12wks, and has NEVER had an upset stomach at all. I only reheat bottles to take edge off the coldness of the fridge now as well.

    I figure as long as you sterilise the bottles properly, use freshly boiled water, and keep bottles sealed until needed, you'll be fine. I mean seriously, just how germ-tastic can baby formula be?!?!

    Oh, and I've used Tesco fragrance free wipes from the day she was born, and used Tesco sensitive skin baby wash from about 4wks, and she's never had any problems at all either.
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