Godparents being christened?

Hi ladies,

We are trying to organise lo's christening at the moment. The vicar has said that any godparents need to have been christened.

My best friend has been dedicated in a Baptist church. Is this similar to being christened?

Thanks xx


  • Not sure, but my hubbie was a godfather and he isn't christened. I guess it depends on the vicar??

    Sorry I'm not much help!
  • Evie gets christned on sunday and the vicar was very strict on godparents being christened, the vicar refuses to give my hubby the candle during the serivice as he isnt christened i think it just depends on the type of vicar and our is odviously very strict xxxx
  • all my godparents lied and we just told vicar they were chistened. they cant prove there not! xx
  • Otherhalf and myself were godparents to his sisters children a couple of yrs ago. We have both been christened but one of the other godparents has not been. OHs sister just lied and said he had been LOL.
  • One have my friends has recently asked me to be her little girls godmother when the she has her christened, but I havnt been christened. My friend knows this but does this mean I have to lie and say I have been to the vicar? x
  • I'm sorry girls but lying to a vicar ????
    Am I the only 1 who thinks this is wrong!!!!!
    Whats the point of a Christening if it isn't to commit to being somewhat honest...
  • I think its jus rite tellin d truth n keep ur fingers crossd ur vicar will be lenient.
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