Anyone Watching their Weight??

I'm seriously wanting to lose a stone before summer. I don't know what it is about having a baby, but it's SO much harder to lose the extra pounds after baby. Before I was pg I was 9stone, I am 5ft7. Now I am 10st and I can seem to shift that last bit of baby weight no matter what I try. Do you think I'm stuck with it for life???

Anyone else in the same boat, anyone tried slimming pills? do they work?



  • Anyone at all I can share my woes with???
  • im trying to lose about 5 stone as each time i got pregnant i piled on the pounds and never seemed to lose then, before charlie i managed to get down from a size 26 to a size 20 and was just about out of them. thankfully after having him i went back down with in 3 weeks.

    im now back on my diet, living of weight watchers yogurts special K and small dinners.

    im also on diet pills that i get from the doc, and thankfully at the moment i get them free as charlie is only 12 weeks old. i was on them before and they worked great, but you have to go to your docs every 4 weeks for a new prescription and to get weighed
  • Why is it so much harder after the babies i wonder!! How are you getting now with your regime? How do you manage to avoid tempting foods? xoxox
  • Wont bore you with how truly HUMUNGIOUS I am but yes aiming to loose 2 stone before I go back to work in June'ish time. I know I need to exercise more and hopefully as the weather(after this artic flurry!) improves it'll be easier to do!
    JodieBuckley well done for losing the weight, think I might need to think about smaller dinners too!
    Not sure why it's so tricky after children? Differnt type of fat? You're so busy you don't have time to do what you would have done before children?
    I just don't have tempting foods in the house-only way. I know what I'm like! x
  • That's a good idea, in theory!! lol I can't resist throwing it all the the trolley and blame it on the kids wanting it lol

    Crisps is my downfall and toast with hot butter ontop! I always make sure the kids eat well before myself. I come last so I just end up grabbing whatever is available!! LOL

    Anyone watching Super skinny vs Super fat on Tuesdays on channel 4 I think. That is a really interesting programme. xoxox
  • I find that and I only have Alf, I always seem to miss out on the chance to have lunch no matter how organised I am. I come on here insted!!
    We've just started solids so maybe I'll do the baby food diet instead?!!
    Haven't seen the prog-oh has to put up with ANTM and Project runway and other such brilliant, or in his opinion, nonsense so I'd have to tape it!!
  • lol - or you could do catch-up online. This is the one, you've only missed 2 episodes.

    Can really help. Supersize v super skinny its called. Where they swap diets for a week then get a doctor to create one especially for each one. it's really good!

  • Wow, well done Suki, you are doing so well, keep it up!
  • I'm with you I have hips and bottom, and belly that I swear belong to someone else. I would love to loose some more weight but there isn't a lot of time once you have children.

    I try to do a workout dvd each evening, but I find it hard to fit much more it.

    If you find a miracle cure I'll buy it image

  • I was on slimming world for a while and lost 10lbs, I'd recommend it!

    However I went on holiday in october and piled it on again! I'm tipping the scales at 13st on a good day, and a size 14-16. God what would I give to be 9st again...most of the weight came from when I met my OH, yknow, eating takeaways and meals out, then once we got past 6 months together, sex went from twice a day to twice a week & just didnt count as exercise anymore, so i piled it on! LOL

    Hopefully now I'm single I'll lose it all ... yeah right!

    At the moment I'm just trying to eat 3 meals & 1 snack of a low fat yogurt. I too have an obsession with buttery toast ('soggy toast' as we used to call it!) and used to snack on it at night, but I havent for a week now....
  • Well done. Are you definitely broken up for good then? I do hope Gabe's feeling better soon hun, It sounds like a bug or viral infection. Evie had one before Xmas. It is surprising as they tend to go as quickly as they came, so try not to get too worried about it. oxox
  • I was doing my workout dvds too, but have had a bad tummy over the past 3 weeks which is being looked into. But this has meant i've lost a stone in 3 weeks! Can't leave the house though, lol. xxx
  • Katie those are 'good' pics, that's not what I look like now, especially after Christmas! I blame the outlaws bring loads of lovely crap when they come to visit! Boxes of chocs, biccies, sweets the lot! I swear they do it so I pile on the pounds! xoxox
  • You know what that is the sweetest thing anyone's said to me in a while now, so thank you hun! And I don't even have to mention how great you look. If someone didn't know you, they would never in a million years guess that you've recently had a baby. Make sure you eat a bit more regularly through the day tho hun, otherwise you'll get us all worried! xoxox
  • im not doing to bad since new year iv lost 10lb.
    iv only been back on the pills since Tuesday so don't will just have to see how well they work this time,
    its hard to fight the temptation which is why iv stocked up on the weight watchers stuff, there chocolate muses, yogurts cakes ect are all on special at asda at the moment all are ??1 a pack
  • You're another one who doesn't look like they've had a baby and look great! Just try not to let you're health become compromised! Even tho you do look the picture of health now, don't let 'dieting' or fear of food consume you in the future! BTW your little girl is so squidgy and cute! lol xoxox
  • mmmmm, thanks for that jodie. I'll stock up too methinks! xoxox
  • I need to lose a couple of stone, i was doing well after lo was born then found that I started to eat more snacky food like cakes, bisciuts and crisps as I had no time to cook probably whilst looking after the baby.

    Plus I have a wedding to go to in May so I want to lose a bit of weight for that and by the summer as well

    I watch Supersize v Super skinny, i can't believe how much the bigger people eat. I can understand the underweight ones though as i used to eat very little a few years back
  • I definately need to lose some inches as im getting fed up of my maternity jeans!! My problem is that my old jeans fit okay in the leg (a little snug on the thigh tho) but I just can't do them up around my hips - im worried that my hips have widened and they'll never fit me again!!! I love my jeans. lol.xx
  • I recently posted about has anyone tried Hoodia, It cost ??40 for a month and did absolutely nothing! So I have started doing slimming world again and I've lost 9lb in three weeks which is enough to keep me motivated but I'll have to diet for about a year if thats the speed its coming off!. Slimming world is so easy and I have some great quick recipes and meal ideas if anyone is interested, I dont go to class though although I probably should, but for now I'm sticking to it quite well.
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