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hi lizzie is 5 months. what time does your lo go to bed at 5 months?
i have been giving lizzie her last bottle at 9:30 which is very late considering we are weaning and she sleeps all night no problem. i have changed her routine today so far its going well. shall i try 8:30 tonight then gradually bring it forward to 7:30 over the next week or so?

well hubby did kit. he fed lizzie last bottle vat 8:30, she went down without her dummy too and she slept until 6:45 without a dummy run or even stirring!!
am so glad we decided to do it.
i havent given her a dummy today either so am hoping to get rid if it if i can image

thanks again everyone x

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  • When by boy was about 5 months he was going to bed about 6.30pm. He's now 2years 8 months and still goes to bed at 7pm.

    I think this is a reasonable time and he gets 11hours a night. I also think its good to introduce a bedtime from the start as my sister never did and then tried to impliment one when they went to school and they won't ahve any of it!! She struggles to get them to go to bed by 10pm and they have school the next day so I learnt from her mistake!!

    I would bring the bedtime foward by about 15minutes and do this every few nights until its at a time you are happy with
  • My LO has been going to be around 7pm since 3 months old and still has a very similar routine now at 6 months. Still doesn't sleep through though! xx
  • thanks for reply. my dd1 goes to bed at 7:30 so ideally 7:30 would be a good time for bed as i can give lizzie her last bottle in her room then put her down and hopefully thwey will go to sleep at routhly same time. dd1 is quiet in her room.
    we get up at 7 in the morning.
    i managed to get dd1 into a good bedtime routine i just cant remember how i got her to have last bottle earlier,lol.
    thanks again. i will try the 15 min thing!
  • LO goes to bed between 7 and 8pm depending on when he has his last bottle, if he has his dinner later then his betome bottle is later x
  • Eva goes to bed between 6:30pm and 7pm, depending on how tired she is. We're not weaning yet though. She still sleeps straight through until around 8:30am too.
  • When my lo was 5 months old she was in bed between 6.45-7
  • Emlia goes to bed at 7pm and sleeps to 7am, with a dreamfeed of 2oz at 10pm

    Joanna x
  • my lo started off at 4 months going to bed at 10pm and waking up to start the day at 9.30am!

    she used to have a nap at about 7/8ish for about 20mins, so one day i just decided to put her to bed at that time and she slept through!

    now she goes to bed at half 7/8 and she wakes up at about 7/7.30am

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  • Hi
    My dd is 5 months and she goes to bed at 8pm , sometimes a bit earlier and has done since she was about 4 weeks old I think. She sleeps through until about 7am, sometimes a little earlier. To be honest, I'd just do whatever you think for your baby and what works for you but if you do want to bring bedtime forward then I personally think the 15 minute thing is the way to go. I did read somewhere that you shouldn't worry too much about the time, like not be too rigid but more base it on how tired the baby is, so once you've seen 2 or 3 signs of tiredness (like yawning and eye rubbing) then its a sign that bedtime is a good idea.
    Good luck anyway.
  • Hi,

    my Lo is coming up to 5 months and goes to sleep at about 9-10, she has her last feed at about 8.30 but this does depend on how her feed have been during the day. Though I have to say the last couple of weeks, on some nights, she has been waking up during the night where previously she slept from 9-10 until 6-7!!!! I am exhausted as she wakes and just wants to chat, not feed, but she is just happy lying there for, last night, 1.5hours!!! I have no idea what is going on.

    Anyway, like some else has said do what you fee is right, the way we are right now is ok but I have no idea how we will manage when I go back to work but that isn't until Sep so not thinking about that yet!!

    Good luck x
  • Rafferty goes to bed at about 6.30pm and sleeps until 7.30/8am. He used to have a short power nap at 5pm but we have dropped this and today he was so tired he was in bed fast asleep by 6.15! he has gone to bed quite early since about 5 weeks when we started to implement a set bedtime routine

    Good luck x
  • thank you all for your replies. lizzie was given her last bottle by daddy at 8:30 and went to sleep without her dummy. i came home at 10 and she was fast asleep. i will update in the morning how the night goes!
  • Jacob is 12 weeks and goes down at 7pm evewry night and sleeps til 6am ish.

    hope it all goes well for you!
  • Since about 6 weeks Beth has been going to bed at about 6.30-7ish. Occasionally earlier if she has had poor naps and is v tired but never later.

    I read a sleep book that said bedtime should be between 6 and 8 but not too fixed. See what works best for your baby depending on tiredness, past performance, quality of daytime naps etc We find Beth actually sleeps later in the morning by going to bed earlier.

  • Do what feels right for you and baby. Oskar goes to bed between 9 and 10:30pm he then wakes up at various times in the night due to reflux but usually gets up by 6am depending on his mood. We tried putting him to bed earlier and he ended up spending most of the night awake wanting to play and screaming.
    Our ds1 has always gone to bed at this time he now sleeps between 10:30 and is up at 6am he is 3 and doesnt have a sleep during the day - if he does then he is a nightmare to get to sleep at night and can be heard talking to his toys after midnight.
    All children are different some go to bed early others later. At the mo it means that me and my oh get to see them as neither of us get home til later - me about 6 and oh after 7pm.
    Not much help sorry
  • its all be a lot of help thank you all so much. we had an unsettled night last night. Lizzies room is at the front of the house and the kids in the street where out there til 10:15ish playing football, she slept through them playing but woke when it went quiet,lol and then woke about 3 times just for her dummy! I think so of the problem was that she normally sleeps for an hour or so before her last bottle but last night she couldnt as we were at a neighbours party and there was too much going on for her. I did bring her home at 8 for her last bottle but she was over tired by then!
    lets hope tonight goes better image
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