stage 2 jars when?


we have been weaning for 7 weeks now and recently the stage one pots are not enough for him, we use pots at lunchtime and i make food at teatime, at teatime it is usually well mashed but no longer puree, is there any reason he cant have stage 2 jars yet, we are almost six months x


  • I started them at 6 months. If he's already having "harder" food for tea then i see no reason not to try him with them.

    Vicky xxxx
  • as long as there is no gluten etc in them until he reches 6months then shoudln't eb a problem, but do u offer a pudding of any sort? ie some pureed fruit? if not then u can effectively double his intake by offering something like that after he's finished the jar, organix do some lovely fruit pots, ds has always loved them and so do i! but if u think ds will be fine with the lumps in a stage 2 (and they don't contain anythinghe shoudln't be having yet) thenh no reason u can't try them xx
  • thanx

    we are having a pudding at both meals we have some fruit, a fruit pot, jelly or yogurt. i just feel he would probably take more savory as he does with my homemade stuff but didnt want to get the bigger jars if they had something he wasnt ready for x
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