My clever girl!!

On Tuesday Louise rolled from her back to her front, but after a few mins got frustrated, this morning she has rolled from her back to her tummy and then onto her back again!

She's trying to crawl too...........much less be for me soon as I wont be able to take my eyes of her lol

She'll be 5 months tomorrow!!

Lisa and Louise


  • Well done Louise! Gabe has rolled once from back to front and that's it, he is 7 months lol. He did roll this morning but couldnt get his arm out so gave up! haha x
  • wow. going to keep you busy now
  • Well done louise sounds like she'll be crawling soon to wow xxx
  • Thats great well done Louise! My lo is rolling happily from his back to his front but then can't roll back again so gets all hot and bothered! Agree about the crawling I'd be really happy if he hung on a bit with that!! x
  • Yay well done Louise!
  • well done what a clever girl!! freya is nearly 9 months and still doesnt roll. but she is crawling and cruising the furature, but if you put her on her back then she is stuck, lol. x
  • thanks! |Thi afternoon, she managed to shuffle forwards a bit to get a toy, I moved it further away to see if she'd do it again but just cried - i'm such a mean mummy lol - I did her her the toy back.
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