the coil (also in toddler)

I was just wondering what everyone thought really. Since having lo the pill hasn't agreed with me, its made my blood pressure really high so the doctors suggested the coil, I'm in two minds as I've heard some horror stories so any advice or opinion would be very welcome thanks xxx


  • I had the mirina coil for 4 years before ttc mainly because my periods were all over the place and heavy, I would recommened it, sometimes your periods go away completely or like me it was very light every 26 days or so, if my hubby had not have left us then I would have another one but once my af's return if they are all over the place I am having it again, good for controling periods and as a contreception, I say go for it, it does effect everyone differently.

  • I had a non-hormonal coil and it gave me PID which is something that can happen but its rare apparently, I had mine removed obv after 3 weeks so can't comment on how it works af wise but I would just say speak to who ever is putting it in and weigh up ALL the risk and the benefits x
  • I had the Mirena coil and it didnt really work for me.
    I didnt have any periods at all, but instead it turned me into a hormonal nutjob. I had PMT like symptoms for around 2 weeks every months, so wasnt fun for hubby!
  • hi
    i have had 2 non hormonal coils as i cant take the pill and they are fab - bit icky getting it in and then the check - a bit like an intense smear test, but once in its there for either 5 or 10 years max - so its great!! i had the first removed to try for bubs and we conceived first try so no after effects at all

    go for it!!
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