Anyone's lo's only have half hour naps?

I think I need a bit of support from someone in the same boat.

When James was younger, he'd sleep well during the day - as a lot of newborns do, sometimes not waking at all for 4/5 hours. But that feels a long long time ago!

He's 6 months old on the 15th, and for absolutely ages he's been having 3 half hour naps a day. Maybe once he actually had an hour or longer.

Now I know all of the put them in the cot for naps, shhh/pat, etc. etc. But OH works nights and James is still in the crib in our room. So that just will not happen until he moves rooms. He hasn't moved rooms, because I haven't wanted him to yet. (Plus I have never got why the 'make sure baby can nap during the day with stuff going on around them' changes to the 'dark room, cot nap' or when)

So basically a lot of it is probably my fault. But I would still like to know there are other mummies out there with babies that can be smiley one minute, crying the next, grumpy half hour after having a nap, and mummies that get frustrated sometimes.

Don't get me wrong, James isn't grumpy ALL of the time. he can amuse himself. He sat in his playnest for over an hour this afternoon quite contentedly. It's just that he can switch just like that, and fights the sleep even though he's clearly tired.

Support please. xx


  • For some reason the reply has come through my e-mail. But can't see it in the thread!

    But thank you so so much, you don't know how much I appreciate your reply.

    Sometimes it doesn't seem to affect James. He'll wake after his 30 minutes, I'll smile at him, and get a lovely gummy smile back. Other times he wakes and has a small cry, so I know he's still tired, or rubs his eyes. I just think then, oh why didn't you just stay asleep!

    I know it is all to do with sleep cycle, but didn't realise it changed around 6/7 months. So there might be some hope there.

    Most of the time it's fine. We're out or whatever. But sometimes it just gets a bit frustrating.

    Thanks again. xx
  • My LO used to have 3 or 4, 30 to 40 minute naps a day. It never seemed to bother him though in terms of being grumpy but he did used to get tired sooner.

    At 5 1/2 months things started to change and he would have a longer nap, maybe 1 hour or just over. There was no routine in it, sometimes he'd do this 2 hours after getting up, sometimes it would be the afternoon and some days he'd be back to his 30-40 minute naps.

    Fast forward a month and he generally now has only 2 naps a day, lasting an hour or more. There is days still (like today), where he goes back to the shorter sleeps but they seem to be getting fewer.

    Not sure this helps but thought I'd share my experience with you xx
  • Thanks lawso.

    At least I can potentially see a light at the end of the tunnel now. xx
  • Ur not alone hun poppy is exactly the same and is increadibly frustrating and she's not an "easy baby" at all and i put a lot of it down to her only napping for around 30 mins at a time- she's too tired!!

    She's the complete opposite to jack who will sleep for 1.5-2hrs+ sometimes.

    I haven't found a "trick" yet and have tried loads of methods but just wanted u to know ur not alone.
  • Thanks lilac*.

    The thought of doing shh/pat etc. during the day, is just hard. OH sleeps during the day, so self settling would have to be tried when he's off. (As James doesn't manage that at all for naps either). He went through a stage of falling asleep on the playmat, but it didn't last!

    When he wakes from the nap, he's awake. He does lie there and stare at me. In his crib/cot it might well be different, and I would be able to try to extend it. xx
  • You're definitely not alone mithical. I have a Poppy that sounds rather similar, lilac*! She generally only naps for 30-40mins max. There have been occasions where she's teased me and had an hour or more, but not that often.

    I have noticed that lately she does seem to be getting better at napping-but it's usually the last one of the day before bed, and then I end up having to wake her so that she'll sleep at night :lol: I think that it may have helped slightly that we brought her bedtime forward by half an hour to 6.30pm.

    I've also heard that their sleep patterns change around 6months, so there is hope for us yet xx
  • Just to say Mithical I'm thrilled that stupid long reply didn't just disappear - took me ages with one hand!!! Just come back on to re-type but now no need, hurrah! xxxx
  • I have one too. He's only just 4 months but used to be great napper (not so great at night) and have a few 1-2 hour naps a day. Now its a struggle to get him to go down for half an hour and involves either feeding him to sleep, walking or driving. And because he's not rested well during day he's shattered at night and just screams the house down.
    So I can sympathise, if only I knew what to do to remedy it!
  • Benjamin has never got the hang of naps - he will have 10-20 minutes here and there - in the car seat or pram usually. He would fall asleep on me and sleep for an hour + if I would let him - which I would (sod the whole bad habits thing!) but normally we are busy through the day so he doesn't get chance! He does get a bit grumpy as the day goes on, though can usually be distracted by a change of environment. I am hoping that he will improve as time goes on, though to be honest I'm not making as much of an effort now - I did used to try and put him in his cot etc. but it didn't work so I gave up...ooops. So a lot of it is my fault I suppose - but having set 'nap times' & having to be at home is so tying... & to be honest he doesn't seem to be that bothered - he often stays awake in his pram for an hour + when we go on walks...I guess some babies just sleep less through the day - he gets 12hrs+ at night so makes up there.

    Sorry, have gone on a bit! x
  • BTW he is 3 months old today, should have put that in! x
  • just to add, in the long post I typed before that BE ate but Mithical saw........... apparently (**crosses fingers and toes hopefully**) babies sleep patterns start to change at around 6-7 months where their sleep cycles beging to lengthen from 30-45 minutes to closer to 60-90 mins. So in theory its easier for them to stay asleep longer.... there's a little bit about it in here

    but I'm sure I saw it somewhere else. Will post if I can find it! As there is some science behind it so I'm pinning all my hopes on that!

  • Mine!

    Adam will usually have one long nap a day (1 hour to 1 hour 15 mins) but his other two naps are 30-40 mins each.

    I did try a couple of things to extend his naps...

    The first thing was based on advice from the No Cry Nap Solution. I went into Adam's room just before he was due to wake up (so after 25 mins or so) and intervened at the point of waking - so I popped him dummy back in, positioned his gaga (muslin!) next to his cheek and did some shushing. If this didn't work I'd pick him up and rock him back to sleep. Although this did tend to work (I'd maybe get another 20 mins out of him) it did have some unintended consequences...Adam decided that he liked being rocked to sleep so much that that was the *only* way he would go to sleep! Grrr. So that was not a great success.

    I also tried PUPD, but this didn't work for us...Adam generally wakes up happy from his naps, and thought PUPD was a fun game - cue lots of giggles until he got bored and cried!

    Sorry to not have any better advice...but you're definitely not alone!


  • Thanks everyone, feel a lot better now. You kind of know other people are going through something similar, but it helps to read about it.

    As **Cath** has said, the usual night sleep solutions are supposed to be used for naps as well. But as I've said I can't implement them. Usually I don't mind when james naps, or how long he naps for. But it's just the days he gets overtired, or is grumpy for most of the day. It's not good for him or me.

    I think the idea with naps for self settling is if the shh/pat or PUPD doesn't work in half an hour, because they are getting too worked up etc. you give up and try again later. So presume this is the same for extending. xx
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