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Hi girls - looking for advice as not sure if I'm doing the right thing......My Lo is 7mths and mostly wakes 6-6:30am - has a bottle and is awake for the day - not a problem. However some mornings she wakes earlier 4-30 ish crying. I can resttle her 3/4 times but she always returns to crying. Eventually I feed her (this morning 5:30ish) - she then normally goes back to sleep and gives us a lie in (8-8:30am). My question is would you just feed her when she wakes at 4:30am and save yourself a lot of getting up to resettle if you end up feeding her early anyway ?? I have been awake since 4:30am she is now sleeping soundly and I've got to go out to a Hospital appointment leaving my OH having a lie in with her (feel very put out !!!) Any advice would be welcome ....Thanks S XX


  • Hi. Personally, if you know she's hungry and is going to take a decent amount of milk, I'd feed her at 4.30. I wouldn't if it was clear she wasn't hungry, and was just waking from habit, or to see you. Is she up to 3 meals a day with her weaning? I don't know what she takes in the day, or if she drinks all her bedtime bottle. But if you can increase daytime intake, it might allow her to go through to a little later. HTH. xx
  • Hiya

    My LO has been exactly the same of late. I have been trying various things - re-settling in his cot, feeding him, and bringing him into our bed (without feeding).

    If I just try to re-settle him in his cot, it's as you say - I end up getting up 3 or 4 times and it just doesn't seem worth it. If I feed him he goes straight back to sleep, but I find it hard to get back to sleep knowing I will have to get up soon and the rest of the day is all askew. So I have been bringing him into our bed instead, which I never thought I would do. He goes straight back to sleep, so obviously doesn't actually need a feed, and we all sleep soundly until a more civilised hour. It's actually really nice (but only because we have a really big bed, otherwise it probably isn't for everyone!).

    At first I was worried I was making a rod for my back, but as it turns out I wasn't. He was obviously just looking for reassurance that we were there (he is sleeping in his own room again after three weeks in with us while we were staying with family) and this morning, after a week of coming in with us at about 4:30/5ish, he slept solid from his 3am feed till just before 8am, which is the longest he has ever slept in one go! Probably just a one off but I was very happy with that.

    He was 6 months last Sunday and has been pretty unsettled of late as we have moved house 3 times in the last two months (we were staying with family in between houses) so this may be of no use to you. Also he has never ever slept through - before we started our process of moving he was going to bed at about 6:30-7pm, having a feed at 10-11pm, and waking at least twice between then and 7am when he had his next feed (but unlike now was easily re-settled each time). So we were hardly coming from ideal circumstances anyway!

    Sorry if this is no help!

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