Jumperoo is in loft Heaven :-(

Jake doesnt like using it anymore! Or at least not for more than a few minutes. We got it when he was about four months and he is now ten months and has used it everyday so was definately worth it but for now it is in the loft until next one.

He just wants to be on the go and climbing up the sofas all the time! I feel like it is the end of an era. But at least I have a bit of space back!


  • Lol. Ours was redundant as soon as Oscar learnt to crawl! He'd maybe go in for 5mins once a week. We've lent it to his baby group girlfriend as she's 3 days older than him but won't put any weight on her legs so hopefully the jumperoo will help her!

    It is lovely to have the space back though image
  • Ohhhh give it to me image I always wanted one but couldn't afford/ didn't have space before. Gabe is 15 months now but he's still well in the weight limit (though prob way too tall for it!!) but I was soooo desperate to have one LOL. Feel like I missed out hehe xxx
  • TL you can borrow it until Gabe grows out of it if you like? If he doesnt like it I can always have it back sooner? x
  • thanks hun, I would LOVE to take you up on that but think OH and mil would have a coronary - they think we've got rid of all the 'baby' stuff we don't need anymore image booooooo to them!
  • booo to them indeed!!! arent you moving soon into your own place though? it doesnt take up THAT much space! Maybe keep Gabe entertained so he isnt being clingy when you are trying to do stuff? I dunno the offers there chick! Could meet you with it and grab a drink too! xx
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