Just wondered if anyone knew where I can 'small' newborn socks, my 4 week old DS has the skinnest ankles and all the newborn socks look like wellies on him and fall off straight away! They are all size 0, so wondered if there were smaller ones than this?

Thanks x x x


  • i found the best ones to be next newborn, lo was a skinny malinky too and they stayed on. mothercare ones were rubbish!
  • The best socks i have found are from Gap! My dd has tiny feet and like Mia's mummy's lo she is just in 3-6 month socks at 7 months and i don't even bother with shoes because she went so long without them! lol.

    They are lovely and fluffy too so would keep toes nice and cosy image

  • I second the Gap socks, they are great. Toby was also given a box of Trompette socks which had the days of the week on them and they were absolutely brilliant when he was tiny.
  • I also love the gap ones they are quite small fitting perfect for my dd who has very long narrow feet & skinny ankles.

  • gap is definately where to go - also their socks are great for when lo is older as they usually have those grippy soles image lily has them in every colour!

  • to gap I go.... thanks ladies xxx
  • If you can't find any that will stay on, Sock-ons are good too, they go over the socks and keep them on tiny feet!
  • Try Pumpkin Patch (they have online shopping as well as actual stores). They're quite expensive, but there are usually some designs in the sale. We got given some goodies as a gift when LO was born - gorgeous! :\)

    She wasn't at all small at birth and has remained between 50th and 75% centiles height and weight-wise. But her feet are absolutely WEENY! She's still in the smallest newborn socks we've got and now nearly 4 months old.

    All of the size 0 ones I've bought (Tesco, Mothercare etc) are still too big.

  • I'd say Gap too!
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