what do you make of this

Okay so after my asking why my mil had ignored my second daughters birthday, I received a package in the post today. It was addressed to my youngest daughter who turns one on thursday. I opened the box and inside I found (all loose inside the box) one mans black sock with a hole in the toe, one small stripy baby sock, one badly stained white t - shirt in a size 9 years, a half used tub of foot cream with a very crusty lid, a broken plastic necklace, and an opened bottle, one third full, of methylated spirits.....

I'm confused at best. Now I normally give my children anything that has been bought as a gift, but I think I need to throw it out, but then there is a part of me that wonders did she mean to send this, it's so odd.



  • LOL. Id be confused as well. Maybe its to get you to phone her so she can get a reaction off you. Sounds like she had a clear out and sent it to your daughter. strange.
  • I remember your first post hun about your middle daughters 3rd bithday. It sounds to me like your mil is a spiteful and nasty piece of work, what an awful thing to send to your daughter what is her problem? I think the woman may need help. Im sorry that you obviouly didnt get ne where when you tried to resolve the problems you had with your other daughters bday. Im not quite sure what to suggest hun. If I were you Id stop her seeing the grandchildren till shes gives you a reasonable explanation for her truely childish behaviour x x x
  • how strange!! like trueman said she probably jus wants a reaction from u! i would personally bin it and jus ignore her, or u could actually jus send the lot bk to her! ha ha ha. xxx
  • how strange!! like trueman said she probably jus wants a reaction from u! i would personally bin it and jus ignore her, or u could actually jus send the lot bk to her! ha ha ha. xxx
  • OMG!!! I had to read what you'd written twice because I just couldn't beleive it!!!!

    I guess she's just trying to make some sort of a point - I think you should just throw it away and ignore it. Then she wont get a reaction - she probably is waiting for one!!
  • How odd !
    If I were you I'd def ask my OH to confront her about it- perhaps give her the opportunity to get whatever is the prob off her chest.
    I would also let her know in no uncertain terms that sending things like that is inappropriate and will not be tolerated in future.
  • I read your first post about MIL and daughters bday as well. I was that disgusted that I didnt trust myself to reply.

    You could always wait to see if she phones and askes if LO liked her present. Or send it back with a thank you note. Nothing nasty, no questions, just a simple thank you. Wouldnt be what she expected and would prob cause her to blow her top. If she does just play dumb and let her show herself up.
  • omg hun i couldnt believ what i was reading !!! like the other ladies i say just throw it away and dont give her the satifaction of a reaction which is what she wonts buy the sounds of it what a grate present hay !!!
  • Thank you for all your support, I think you are right that I will just ignore it, I think my major reaction was who sends wood alcohol to a baby. I debate sending it back but she is moving to her house in Florida for the next month. It would simply cost too much to send back, mind you she sent it from Hong Kong that couldn't have been cheap. I think that's what gets me my in laws are anything but hard up for money, they have 8 houses in 6 different countries, but they haven't sent the younger two birthday cards... well perhaps I'm being ungrateful...lol... this box of goodies. What funny people make the world go round image.

  • Oh, about the dementia, I actually work in dementia care, and she's eccentric but has no diagnosis of dementia. She sort of selectively forgetful, she will never tell fil how much she paid for a handbag or new dress, but she remembers every and any slight or upset. To be fair to her she was the absolute doting grandmother to my first daughter. She writes her these huge letters telling dd1 how much she loves her, and telling her all about her family history. With dd1 she flew out to take her to hamleys to present shop and I did trust her enough that I let pil take her out for the day. They brought her back with over a dozen new dresses, and so many toys we had to buy three new toy boxes. But with my dd2, and seemingly dd3 they just don't want to acknowledge them. I don't expect them to do the same for each as I appreciate circumstances and things change but it would be really appreciated if they'd send a birthday card so I could put it in their baby books.
  • Too much sun and permanent jet lag? Could account for eccentricity? Lol about not telling her other half about the cost of her new clothes and handbags. My others half learned not to ask as would never tell him either.
  • Wow people are really odd aren't they? Just a shame when you end up being realted to them! I will never complain about my mil again-honest!
    I agree about the ignoring as maybe she wants some kind of reaction from you. Think you're being very gernerous to not totally blow up at her as I think you have every right to. Hope you get it sortedx
  • How bizaare?! I had to read that 10 times, and for the life of me can't think why anyone would send it, especially to a child! Maybe she's looking for a reaction, maybe she's gone crazy :lol:

    That is so strange.

    I'd ignore it and throw it out!! If she's looking for a reaction, it will annoy her far more by you doing nothing.

    Please let us know what happens next!!

  • It sounds to me as though she is being incredibly nasty and spiteful... kind of 'ok, if I have to send something, I'll send the worst present possible'. But why would anyone do that to their grandchild? The whole favouritism thing sounds awful, I would be tempted to tell her that if she can't act like a proper grandparent to ALL your daughters then she has no place in their lives.
  • What a strange lady!
    It does seem very rude to send a one year old all that junk, as if she is trying to prove a point that she has sent something even if it is shite.
    I would bin the lot and send her a sarcastic 'Thank you' card. LOL.
  • That is so strange! What does your oh make of it all? x
  • i read your first story about this,i would say send her a thank you card for all the wonderful gifts you recieved,cheaper than sending the goods back x
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