Hi my lo is 8 months old and expecting my 2nd in sept, so i will have a 1 year old and a new born, so I will be needing a double buggy, I am looking for one that is quite light weight as I am only 5ft, and not to expensive, anyone got any recomensations


  • I'm using the mamas and papas aria and I think it's great, it doesn't seem too heavy at the mo. Not sure how much they cost new as mine is second hand. It has a full handle all the way across instead of 2 seperate ones and it's quite narrow so not too hard to get through normal doors. It's not an umbrella folding one- it's easy to put up and down, but might not be good to go on a bus with.

    I've not tried any others so can't really compare it to anything!

  • Yeah I have been looking at that one, not sure if I want to get a tandem one or a side by side one, all the ones I have been looking @ are either to big, weigh a ton or really expensive,
  • im looking into the first wheels city twin - dont have any recomendations but it looks really good and the added advantage of a carrycot and a seat. there going quite cheep on ebay second hand
  • hi

    i have the phil and teds double pushchair and i love it. my lo's are 2 1/2 and 7 months. it is quite heavy to push as my oldest is quite a heavy boy, when it's just got the baby in it's very light.

    i tried the M&P aria but it didn't have much room for my oldest and he'd just gone 2 then, the harness also seemed really short, wouldn't have fastened round him with a coat on, he's not fat just really tall so i was surprised about that. the price wasn't bad for what you got with it, pushchair, 2 footmuffs and a rain cover for ??250. i had to send it back as that one was no good for us.

    i also got the first wheels city twin, i loved it, it's such a gorgeous pushchair, the only problem is that the chassis is huge and really faffy to fold down, the chassis wouldn't fit in my boot and there would not have been any room for the carrycot and seat unit in the boot either. i had to send that back too!! it's also quite expensive, it cost me over ??500 for the chassis, carrycot, 2 seat units included and one footmuff.

    in desperation i looked at the phil and teds, did a lot of research and bought it after getting loads of info from one of the ladies on here who already had it. it was about ??500 for everything i got, the pushchair, a doubles seat (to make it into a twin), raincover, footmuff and cocoon (like a mimi carrycot for newborns to about 4 months). as my oldest is nearly 3 i only use it as a double pushchair occasionally when we're going too far to expect him to walk but it can go up to about 5 years old. i haven't got my money's worth yet but i'm 8+6 with number 3 so will get plenty of use out of it for 2nd and 3rd children, 2nd will be 14 months so will still go in the puschair all the time.

    sorry, i've rambled a bit there! just wanted to let you know my experience of these pushchairs.

    kelly x
  • hi claire,
    i'll second kelly - the phil and teds is fab!! it is very expensive but you can get some really good deals on places like ebay (i got mine there) and then you'd probably still be able to sell it on again when you finish with it, as long as you look after it... spesh if you don't need / want all the extras the price can come down quite a bit.
    my lo is 3 mths so it's of course pretty light with just him in it, but my cousins were over recently with their 2 yr old, they have a p&t too so rather than bring the whole buggy they just brought the double kit and attached it to mine. it looked a bit odd as the colours didn't match but i actually didnt' find it too heavy, tho the 2 yr old is quite small.
    good luck choosing xxx

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