1st walk down street... what a hassle lol..

Hi girls

I took Jaimi-Lee a walk down our high street today for the first time and omg what hard work that was!! lol
What do i do with Jaimi-Lee and her pram when its a small shop?! LMAO!!
One shop was really tiny and i knocked some of their display over with the pram wheel! I dont wanna leave her outside a shop as its a dodgy world we live in now lol
Also, the school kids were out and the street was heaving with kids getting their lunch, it took me an hour and a half to go to bank and 2 shops, what a stress lol.

Sharon x


  • I'm sure some shops do it on purpose so you can't get in!! Have you thought about a sling or a baby bjorn carrier? Never used myself cos don't like them!! May be of use to you though?
  • Wait until you need the loo when out and about - what do you do with the pram then?? I still haven't figured it out. I try to use the disabled toilet and take Lily in with me, but one of these days it'll be out of order or something and then what?! What do you all do?
  • Also, why do some shops put the baby stuff upstairs yet don't have a lift or escalators! xx
  • Lol, glad you had fun! I remember our first outing, Gabe was 6 days old. Just a trip to the local shop. That was fine, but our first real outing a day later was something else lol, I never even thought about how I'd have to look out for ramps and stay away from small shops!!

    Having said that, I went xmas shopping and left Gabe with the mil, what a nightmare, I actually had to carry my own bags! really missed the pram then!
    PTB, some baby changing rooms have toilets in them xx
  • hi, im now on older children and ttc but seen this on front page. when my LO was a baby me and my best mate whos baby was 6 months older,we made a list of all the places we could actually use the toilet! mothercare, no- only changing room for babies,no toilets
    bhs-yes they have a toilet in the chaging room with a lock on the door!
    marks and spensers,yes they have toilet in same room as changing facitlties
    asda-they have toilet in changing room too
    tesco,no its one or the other! (changing facitlies or toilet)
    sainsburys,no one or the other
    no cafe i have ever been in has both!
    i think it is stupid that the baby stuff is always on the top floor in the buildings with no lifs or the slowest lifts in the world!
    it does get easier (when they start to walk!) but dont worry, enjoy the days when you have time to go around the shops without a toddler trying to get you to buy everything in sight!
    me and my best friend had many trips into town which we never got into a shop because we had to find toilets and somewhere to feed the kids then change the kids then pop to bank, then have lunch, then do the toilet, feeding and changing rounds again! (pls remind me why i am back ttc?!)
  • LOL at Tigerlily, I'm exactly the same on the very rare occasions I get to go shopping with no kids, I buy stuff and then wonder where I am supposed to put the bags!!!
    I think you learn where you can and can't go with your pram. If I need to go somewhere that I can't manage with a pushchair I wait untill oh is off and then make him stay out side with the lo's.
  • i now know where the lifts are in my local mall and which shops have lifts. the lifts are not the problem its people who DO NOT move out the way when they can see you coming or there is no room for you to turn the pram round. makes me wonder why i bother going out!!!!
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