milk dispensers

I have been using the TT ones, but they only hold 5 oz worth of milk, My lo has moved up to 6oz, so not when i go out i have to use 2 tt dispensers.

Does anyone know where i can get some dispensers that hold upto 9oz?


  • mothercare do avent ones that hold 9 scoops of powder and has 3 sections xxx
  • Hi hun, do you mean the TT ones that sit inside the bottles? They take up to 8oz. You have to tap them a lot so the powder settles. But they definitely take 8oz cos I've done it it says on the box I think. I was sceptical but it does work. xx
  • I use TT ones as well and at first thought they only fit 5oz in even though it says 8oz on the box. Tiger lily is right though, you can fit 8oz in - just keep tapping the powder down as you put it in. x
  • i have the avent one, it has 3 sections in it and each one holds enough powder for a 9oz bottle, boots also do there on one the same as the avent one.
  • yep you can get 8oz in, just have to tap the bottom a few times and the milk will settle down into the container. S x
  • ohhh thanks for the tip with the TT ones.... it was my OH who said i wouldn't fit more than 5 in, but i'll give it ago tonight!
  • my tip is to push the powder down into the contianer with the scoop!
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