My first outing with the twins

well its been a long time coming as there 9wks old and i cant keep them inside forever :lol: and ive got a double pram,ive been dreading this day for so long but it wasnt that bad and the pram ive got is sooooo light when pushing iam very impressed with it,i got stopped so many times,ppl asking me questions and congratulating me,not used to all the attention :lol: the only thing now is i need to get the time down to getting them ready,took me over an hour to get out of the house :lol:



  • ahhh hun this is a date for the baby book then ...well done and glad it all went ok ....i know what u mean about taking ages to getting out the house ...i find it hard with a toddler and baby ...he always seems to need a wee when were outside the door :roll: image key is to get bags and clothes ready the night before and i seem to do ok then xxxxx
  • thanks ladies,my next step is to take along my 23month old son,dont know how that will go down,its gonna be like a military operation,i think that will be a while yet before i try that :lol:

  • well done! It can take me an hour to get out of the house with 1! :lol:
  • well done chick!!!! xx xx
  • well done!! i was also gonna say i dnt think an hrs too bad!! takes me that long with holly n grace!! god knows how long itl take me when nxt one arrives!! i replied 2 u on pragnancy i think about ur pram,s it the side by side one that folds in the middle if u know wot i mean?looks good,i wondered how much it cost if u dnt mind me asking?hope iv got the right person!! lol xx
  • i havent seen the reply on the pregnancy chat,only just come back online but yes its the side by side one and folds in the middle and like i said iam very impressed with it,its so easy to steer and its really light,its also very spacious and the fold up bit its just brilliant,i cant rate it enough considering i didnt really want a side by side pram,the price was ??250 they is another model which looks nicer but is double the price but i would recomend this pram to anyone! if your interested this is the website and there is a 5% discount code if you want it,also i did notice that they put the price up to ??280 but it doesnt state a price now it tells you to ring them up for the best price,anyway the code is


    sarah image
  • ok just searched for your other reply :lol: the only trouble i had today was when the shops didnt have very wide walkways but other than that i didnt have any trouble at all

    dimensions are

    open 76cm (h) 74cm (w) 105cm
    closed 75x74x28
    if you click on the link it will give you more info

    hope thats helped

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